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         “So how come the President isn't doing something about all those bedbugs that have been bugging the East coast and now found in California? What are his priorities? Does he think the jobless rate or the wars or the weather or immigration or the mosque or health care or his vacation are more important than the invasion of bedbugs?
        After all, the middle classes are suffering. AFL/CIO members are the ones who go to Motel 6 and the No Tell Motel. The lobbyists and politicians are the ones who check into the Ritz and $500 a night hotels. All are infested! All need his attention.
        But hold on a minute. What are we expecting our president to do, solve every and all problems that come up? Can he call out the bedbug brigade or the SBS (Secret Bedbug Service)? Is there a cabinet chair that is in charge of bedbugs? How about Homeland Security? Where is Secretary Janet Napolitano when we need her?
        Has anyone checked the White House bedrooms and couches? And was a bedbug infestation the real reason that the President redecorated the Oval Office? Were bugs found under that old rug? Can the new brown tones be connected to the tan color of the bedbugs?
        The reason that Mr. Obama hasn’t taken on the bedbug issue is that reticent polls show that Democrats think bedbugs are a rightwing cable TV plot and Republicans think that bedbugs have been planted by liberals (oops, progressives) to embarrass the Tea Party. The polls say that the important Independents are leaning toward the right of the bed. Not falling off yet, but leaning. Taking a stand on the bugs (pardon the metaphor) is dangerous in a midterm election year. Sweeping the issue under the rug will only create more bugs and spinning the media would be like throwing honey on an anthill.
        The President is scheduled to issue a statement soon that a memo by the previous administration has been found to contain a reference to bedbugs being found in a hut in Baghdad but no national warning was raised. Thus the Obamabugs will henceforth be renamed Bushbugs.
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