New Year's Perspective
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        Christmas has come and gone with wishes of Peace on earth, good will to all men!
They cry Peace! Peace! But there is no peace on earth! If so, tell me where?
        The New Year began in New York City with dropping of the ball at midnight. Everyone cheered, after having stood in the cold for hours ensuring their small, crowded space in Times Square. It was such a beautiful, un-peaceful, time with all the fireworks and strangers wishing each other a Happy, prosperous, and peaceful New Year. There was screaming and yelling that could be heard all the way to New Jersey. Then everyone was off to the parties to drink away their feelings of discontent! Had they peace?
         Previous to the celebrations in New York, Shanghai had already ‘celebrated’ the New Year by stampeding people trampling thirty-five other celebrants to death as well as injuring dozens. These thirty-five revelers have found peace in their bodies, but what about the surviving friends and relatives. Where is their peace?
         Meanwhile, not far from Times Square, revelers turned into demonstrators, carrying signs of “I can’t breath” and “Justice in Ferguson and St. Louis”! Also, celebrants in Oakland, California brought in the New Year by bombarding police officers with bricks, overturning trash cans, setting off illegal fireworks, graffiti, and general mayhem. Such peaceful folks we have in New York and Oakland! Was this all caused by one or two police officers doing their duty, or had these officers made up their minds to just go out and shoot someone on general principles?
        In Dubai, Selena Gomez, one of our own, celebrated the New Year by baring her young body to thousands of admiring men in the mostly Islamic UAR country. She had assistance from other American women who chose to bare themselves also. This was sure to bring ‘peace’ to the Islamic leaders of Dubai as well as all the surrounding UAE countries. How is this to bring “Peace on earth, good will to all men?” Lack of respect brings nothing but more hatred and non-peaceful relationships. No wonder these other countries hate Americans and demonstrate against them every chance they get.
        The New Year brings failing economies in Russia as well as China. Who gets the blame? Falling oil prices! How can one phase of the economy affect such a huge portion of the economic pie? Are there no other industries contributing to the overall economy? What about all the farmers that work from daylight to dark, and even after, to insure that America has decent food to eat? What about the huge silicon industry? Where does all the money go that is generated in the Santa Clara Valley alone? Someone said recently that a new millionaire is created daily in Silicon Valley. Does all this prosperity bring peace? Undoubtedly not!
        Peace is generated when a person has an Absolute dwelling in them. This is known as ‘peace in your heart, rest in your soul.’ Trying to find peace outside the individual is like shoveling sand against the tide. You are the only source of peace. You are the only one who decides your next move. When you know that you have given your all to promote peace around you, did what you know is the right thing to do, then you can enter into the ‘silent halls of death’ sustained as soothed by an unfaltering trust’!*
You may enter your house justified!
*Robbed from ‘Thanatopsis’ by William Cullen Bryant