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At a time when large countries are stockpiling weapons, buying them from alleged enemies of the United States, two stories made international news. What is the media coming to?

Melania Trump visited several countries this past week as the Kavanaugh circus was happening in the U.S. Her mission was to help assure equal education for all children in poor countries all over the world. The only thing that newsmen could find to chide her about was when she went to visit a zoo where baby elephants were on display. Her crime: she smiled as she petted the babies! Then they say she was almost run over by a large elephant which would have been newsworthy indeed!

As President Trump boarded Air Force One, a piece of white paper had stuck to his shoe. It was probably due to someone's carelessness as they threw away their gum that had lost its flavor. Newsmen played it up big, as did Twitter, saying that it was a piece of toilet paper stuck to the shoe of the President. Isn't there better and more important stories out there?

It was announced today that the unemployment rate now stands at 3.9%, the lowest since 1969, and there were thousands of military personnel out of the country at the time. Should this not make for happiness among the naysayers? The economy is booming! Is this not reason for happiness? One old cowboy once told me that some folks would never be happy. He went on to say, "They would complain if they were to be hung with a new rope!" I realize that this is not good rhetoric in this politically incorrect world, but it made sense to a young veteran of the armed forces in 1965. I was freshly discharged and trying to make my way in a world that was in turmoil because of the Vietnam Crisis! It was difficult for me in two ways in San Jose, Ca. at that time. I was considered a veteran of the Vietnam conflict, and I had a deep, inherited Southern accent! I firmly believe, and had confirmation at the time, that this was why I had a hard time finding suitable employment to support my family. This present time in the history of the United States is very reminiscent of the Vietnam era. The anti-war demonstrators and politicians painted all veterans with the same brush! They referred to them as baby killers and murderers of civilians in the war zones. Isn't it amazing that in spite of my military background and my heavy southern accent, I was able to work my way up through the ranks to become Chief of Operations of a large school district in San Jose, Ca. They found out that the individual was fair to all people regardless of their creed, race, or marital status.

With bombs and missiles looming on the horizon, pointed at the Continental United States from many countries, shouldn't our focus be about how we can lessen the possibility of one small, unethical, and fanatical leader deciding to push the button?
Is a piece of paper stuck to the president's shoe worthy of such publicity? Does the fact that Melania Trump smiled as she stroked young elephants deserve such international alarm? If this is all that newsmen have to write about, then they need to find another line of employment. How childish can human grown-ups become?