New Day Dawning
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 by Frank Shortt
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         Light creeps slowly upon the horizon like nocturnal feeders stealing to their places of repose. The fox goes to his den, the bat to his dark haven, skunks, opossums, weasels, cockroaches, and coyotes all seek their perspective rest places.
        “Red skies at morning, Sailors take warning!” We have all heard this familiar saying since the dawning of creation and man first beheld a sunrise. Is the earth in for another red sky morning? Are the prophecies of the oncoming storm being fulfilled? It seems that there is no safe place in the whole of mankind! Man keeps blundering into the destructive realm of science instead of into what would benefit mankind as a whole. If all nations had everything they could possibly need, would this eliminate war? It seems that mankind is hell-bent for self-destruction!
        As light became evident, man progressed in his thinking not allowing time for his mortality. Virgin soils of the mind allowed for man to, seemingly, go forward with all his ideas and inventions. Soon, these inventions began to control the thinking of man. Instead of implements of progression, they became inventions of destruction. Gunpowder was invented allowing man quicker access to death. The automobile took the place of the horse and buggy, allowing man to reach places faster and less tired. Why did he become in such a hurry, all of a sudden? Then the airplane was invented! It too became a faster way to reach places and a more destructive force during wartime conditions. Was man satisfied with all this? No! Then rockets, missiles, and more deadly weapons of destruction were concocted in the destructive brains of men. Today, who knows what deadly force lies in the arsenals of ungodly men? Men landed on the moon, Jupiter is now encircled by a satellite, men trying one final effort at undoing the creation story. What would happen if suddenly all computers shut down? Would there be instant chaos in our planetary system?
        Man’s enlightenment gendered greed. It became a race to see which nation could produce the greatest destructive force to be able to conquer and enslave other nations. Alexander the Great conquered the known world in his day then sat down and cried because there were no other worlds to conquer. Napoleon conquered almost the whole of Europe in his day. He met his fate at Waterloo. Twice Germany tried to conquer the known world and was hindered by men who invented greater machines with greater destructive force. Japan was thwarted in her conquests by the Atomic weapons invented by Jewish expatriate Scientists hired by, so called, civilized nations. Has mankind reached an apex? Should we fear weapons that can only take out a few people at a time or should we be fearful of that great explosive power that can obliterate mankind in one fail sweep the one known as nuclear fission?
        Would a Millennium of peace be preferable to all the confusion and fear abounding? Would mankind be better off going back to the horse and buggy and an agrarian society where everything we eat was raised from the dust of the earth? Is there a new day dawning where men and women will once again be in their rightful positions and children will be obedient to their parents with respect? On hearing our present candidates who are running for president, we are a long ways from the ideals of respect and fellowship. If either candidate is to be believed, we are faced with liars, cheats, scoundrels, offices being misused, and anything else that can be dreamed up.
        A ‘new day dawning’ is and idealistic situation to be greatly hoped for in light of our present world status!