Nature Awakening
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Seemingly blue shadows flitted past my window as I arose from my bed. The morning shafts of sunlight, showing between the trees, promised to be a clear day as compared to the last month or so when inclement weather was the norm. Storm after storm of snow kept falling and causing us to pray for warmer weather. It is not in our hands, the weather, that is!

The flitting blue proved to be two blue jays, common to our area in Grizzly Flat, beginning to rebuild their nest that had been torn down by an angry cat the autumn before. My wife had saved the remnants all winter in her bed of Camellias and Azaleas. The Camellia miraculously had one showy bloom even after experiencing three feet of snow less than a month ago. The Azaleas will bloom later this season as, before the huge storm, we had a false spring causing everything to begin blooming early.

The two blue jays, a male and a female, must like the spot in the curve of the downspout coming from the eaves, as they were busy reassembling their damaged nest. We are usually blessed with at least two young blue jays each season, unless of course, the neighbor's cat does not get to the nest for a luscious lunch of young blue jays! Nature in the wild is very seldom a bed of roses.

I am awed by the persistence of these blue jays. Even with the hardship of building the huge nest, the dam sitting on the eggs until they hatch, and the continuing danger of some predator interrupting the nature of things, they keep trudging along helping to keep nature in balance.

Of all the creations that inhabit earth, humans are the least adaptable to their surroundings. They are too impatient! They are most likely to give up at the least resistance. Could this be why there are so many divorces in our country? Could this be the cause of the high rate of suicide among us? (over 40,000 cases in 2018 alone according to USA Today) Could this be the reason that during this Covid19 epidemic, some folks insist on disagreeing with the authorities and choose not to remain in place? But, of course, there are many factors involved. Narcotic and alcohol addiction play a major role in determining whether or not a person will remain indoors for an extended period of time. Mental health also causes many to rebel! Sometimes it is just plain stubbornness!

Manzanita bushes are in full bloom now, having been delayed by the Spring storms that devastated their surroundings. These bushes are very brittle and when under cold conditions become more susceptible to break apart. We have a lot of work to do to bring our beautiful shrubbery back to an acceptable condition. The beautiful pink blossoms are drawing more and more insects to them as the weather grows a little warmer each day. Bees, another persistent denizen of nature, can be heard humming as they collect nectar for their important jobs of providing honey for us unadaptable humans. Why can't we be more like the "lesser creatures" if this be so at all?

Historically speaking, plagues do not last for long periods of time. Otherwise there would be no one left to tell the tale. We have a great hope that this Covid19 pandemic will soon subside and we, unadaptable humans, can get back to the business of surviving even with the economy in total shambles! There are exceptions to every rule. The folks who counted it necessary to do what the government suggested, under the leadership of Dr. Fauci, will also be the ones who come out of this trying time with a penchant for overcoming the whole situation. If Dr. Fauci is removed, as some disgruntled journalists have suggested, we may have to face a later awakening of nature in order to see the blossoms of springtime beautifying the environment! As for me and my house, we choose to obey the laws of the land, contrary to what some religious leaders have led their constituents to do, bringing death and hardship upon them!

What will be your choice?