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 by Laramie Boyd
Musical Priests
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     I can't understand why Catholics across the country aren't up in arms over the molestation charges and concealing of the facts by priests, Cardinals, and even the Pope himself. Isn't ruining the lives of thousands of children important enough to stir up parental anger and a demand for enforcement against the violators? Maybe a peaceable protest is in order, millions of good Catholics parading in downtown Pittsburgh, placards and all. Or even in Rome? Or wherever abuse is or has been taking place. Don't Children's Lives Matter? The constitution gives all of you that right, as long as it's peaceful. There are lots of police brutality demonstrations across the country, albeit most are not what you would call peaceful. But they get their point across. Wouldn't you say that child molesting is right up there in importance with police brutality?
     People in high places in the business and entertainment and sports complexes nowadays are fired or asked to resign from their posts whenever they are involved in child abuse or even knowing about it and not reporting it to authorities. Will Cardinal Donald Wuerl of Pittsburgh, or the live priests who abused 1000 children in Pennsylvania over the last seven decades, be held accountable, you think? What are the odds?
On his first visit to the United States in2015, Pope Francis said, "I commit myself to ensuring that the Church makes every effort to protect minors, and I promise those responsible will be held to account." Can the church be trusted to investigate every single bishop accused of abuse or of hiding it? Hasn't happened yet! Maybe "prayers and promises" aren't enough anymore.
     And why hasn't the police been shown to be on top of these illegal accounts of abuse? Can't they march into a Mass, handcuff a suspected and accused child molester and cart him off to jail for a hearing and trial, like a regular citizen would be? Is this a case of "separation of church and state?"
     School teachers are routinely arrested for these heinous crimes, lose their jobs, and pay a price. Why not priests? Would no one come forward and substantiate the criminal acts of the priests that would allow immediate arrest and incarceration? What is going on in the minds of the lay parishioners? Stand and be counted. Do you believe you will be denied Heaven if you revolt against the Church, even for such terrible violations?
     The church hierarchy, from top to bottom, has made a mockery of what should be the teachings of the Church. Transferring a known child abuser to a different parish is no way to solve the problem. It's a copout. And illegal. Priests hypocritically proclaiming moral values at the top of their lungs while at the same time behaving immorally, and then to be covered up by Church leaders, is an unthinkable breach of trust, and should be held in contempt. Come on church goers. Gather together and protest. Make yourselves heard. Don't you care?