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by Ron Cruger
        The radio network director counted down. “Five, four, three, two, one…on air.”
        Mush Dumbaugh acknowledged the director’s instruction and spoke into the microphone.
        “Good morning to my millions of listeners. You’ve made your smartest choice of the day, listening to me on the W. I. B. network.”
        “The news today is that our president, that faker, Barack Hussein Obama, is considering going on another vacation. Folks, that man, our president is simply running away from making any important decisions. For four years he’s run from acting like a real president. We’ve been living in a headless nation. To all of you out there, listening to me on the ‘Wonderfulness in Broadcasting’ network, it’s important that you get out and stir this country up to vote for Mitt Romney.
        “This nation’s only hope is to get Barack Hussein Obama out of that Oval Office and get Mitt Romney in. The good old U.S.A. is turning into a Socialist state, soon to be a communist satellite of China. It’s Obama’s and all the other liberal’s plan to borrow so much money from China that America will turn into a
broke and weakened country. We’re almost there, folks. Next Obama will raise our taxes and break the backs of all the working people in America. That’s the plan, you can see it coming. The president is spending billions of dollars on this election. He has to win to continue the tearing down of America. His goal is to make America like Cuba, owned and run by the government.”
       “And he’s also making a special place for his wife in his scheme. Hasn’t all America seen her traveling all around the country so she’ll get famous and then she’ll help her husband when the country turns Socialist. They’ll both be rulers of the United States. We’re already on the road to Socialism. The president wants four more years to turn the country into his dream since he was a child in Indonesia.”
        “And listen, folks, that whole mess of where this guy, Obama, was born is still in question. He learned everything about being a Communist from his early years, growing up in Indonesia. In his heart he’s still an Indonesian. You can trust old Mush Dumbaugh, I tell you there’s something stinkin’ in Washington and all Americans should be worrying about us keeping our Constitution and our Declaration of Independence.”
        “You’ve seen the pictures on television. This president of ours bowing to the heads of Middle Eastern nations. You’ve heard him say how much America is becoming a place for Muslims. You’re old responsible buddy Mush is watching every move this Obama makes. I’ll be alerting you when he makes the big moves to welcome Muslims from other countries to move here. That means Islam will be taught to our kids in schools, our laws will be changed to Sharia-based. And someday, in the next four years, if he’s re-elected, that man wants to announce that he’s really a Muslim and he wants this country changed to reflect his real religion.”
        “This guy, Obama, has never held a real job in his life. The only thing he’s really ever done is worked with poor people in Chicago, making sure they vote for the liberal Democrats. Oh, he can be charming, and he can make speeches, for sure, but little by little the real Barack Hussein Obama is revealed. Someday we’ll see his real birth certificate and your old, reliable friend, Mush Dumbaugh, will say, ‘I told you so.”
        “He’s cutting back on our military. He doesn’t want a strong Army or Navy because that’s not his plan. He’s weakening us so when the Muslims become dominant we won’t be able to fight them.”
“His friends and associates hate America, just like him. All of those America-hating liberals will do anything to weaken us. They want to change a lot of the freedoms we have been enjoying. Little by little what make America great is changing. You can thank Barack Hussein Obama for that.”
        “The most important thing you true Americans can do to save our country is to listen to this program every day. Your friend, Mush Dumbaugh will give you the real truth. There is a criminal conspiracy going on in our country, folks, and it’s being led by the president. He’s trying to turn America into a Muslim controlled Socialist country.”
        At the same time Mush Dumbaugh was speaking into his W.I.B. microphone and millions of Americans were carefully and obediently listening to him, two old friends were sitting in their local Starbuck’s.
        The elder of the two, a retired aircraft industry executive, sipped his strong coffee and turned to his younger friend, a former government accountant. “Have you listened to that Mush Dumbaugh lately? I think the man has turned nuts.”
        “I agree. And yet, millions still listen to him.”
        The older man shook his head in agreement. “There’s something really wrong in this country when Americans stop checking the facts for themselves and believe what that Dumbaugh says.”