Murder, USA 2018
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An old Tennessean once said, “If you are confronted by someone and you have a gun, you are most likely going to shoot that person. If you do not have a gun, you do not have to make that choice.”

Most law abiding citizens do not even own a gun. They leave the ‘gun toting’ to the local police force. It seems that the number of deaths in California have increased tremendously in the past few years. It has been proven that guns alone are not responsible for all of the deaths. It seemed that showing the number of deaths in the USA in 2018 became a necessity as murders seem to be increasing in our cities. There have been 25 homicides in the city of San Jose, Ca. alone since January 10, 2019. The last one reported was September 6, 2019. It appears, that hatred among mankind has increased, and with that, homicides increase! It is left to the Psychologists to decide what is causing the additional hatred among mankind.

It has been said over and over that as populations increase and people begin to bunch up, all manner of unusual events begin to increase. This study has been made by overcrowding rats in a cage. Anger increases, hatred increases, and the rats tend to do things not associated with the rat population.

In 2018, In the USA, there were 7,105 murders committed with handguns. There were 3,077 other type guns used as murder weapons. This could be broken down by type if someone had the time and inclination to do so. The total number of murders by guns used as weapons of murder was 10,182. This is way too many!

In 2018, there were 1,604 murders by knives or sharp instruments. It would be impossible to estimate how many persons carry sharp instruments for the purpose of protecting themselves or inflicting harm to someone else. Again, this will be left up to the Psychologists to weed out. Thousands of knives have been confiscated at airports since 9/11.

In 2018, there were 3,172 murders by other means. These were inflicted by other weapons or weapons not stated-903, personal weapons (hands, feet, fists, etc.)-656, blunt objects (clubs, hammers, etc.)-472, rifles-374, shotguns-262, other guns-186, narcotics-114, fire-107, strangulation-98. *

If a person has murder in their heart, or even just spontaneously decides to kill the other person, that person will use the weapon closest to their hand.

It is a proven fact that sporting hunters do not need a fully automatic weapon to find and shoot an animal. If that person needs more than one shot, it is because of two things: that person is either a poor shot, or that person is not a sporting person. A person with a fully automatic weapon is not giving the poor animal a chance. If a person was starving, that would be different!

The difference between a fully automatic weapon and a semi-automatic weapon is: With a fully automatic weapon, as long as the trigger is compressed, the gun will continue firing. With a semi-automatic weapon, the trigger must be compressed with each firing. There has been a lot of confusion as to the function of these two weapons and, hopefully, this will clear up this confusion. A lot of crimes committed with fully automatic weapons have been blamed on semi-automatic weapons.

If a personhas a proven history of mental illness, that person should never, in any circumstance be allowed to purchase a weapon of any kind. When that person is allowed access to any weapon, his mood or mental state could change at any time and that person becomes a walking time bomb. Most hard-line gun owners will not agree with this statement. The argument as to a person’s stability could go on and on!

This article is not intended for the purpose of eradicating guns! It is for the purpose of suggesting that guns be purchased safely and sanely. Guns have been a part of American life since the founding of the USA. But the question is: Do we need fully automatic weapons in a civilized society as a deterrent to crime? As stated before, anything can be used as a weapon to inflict pain or harm to an intended victim. It is according to the mental state of the person inflicting the harm as to the weapon he or she uses!

*This shows that anything at hand can be used as a weapon if a person chooses to harm another person.