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 by Laramie Boyd
Most Things
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I've done most things I wanted to do
'Cept ride a rail to high Peru,
Or watch a liftoff at Canaveral
Or camel up to Timbukto.

'Cept raft the mighty Amazon Where pygmies line the shore.
Play Augusta in the springtime
Hear Arnie holler fore.

Or sail down the Nile from Cairo, Hitch a ride to Katmandu.
Take an African safari,
Lay on the deck of the QEII.

Hope to cruise to Bora Bora,
See Jerusalem someday.
Drive a sheep herd in Australia,
Take the road to Mandalay.

And stand atop the Eiffel Tower,
See the grand Niagara Falls
See the penguins way down under,
Visit Montezuma's halls.