Master Sculptor
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From eternity there has been a sculptor who possessed the ability to create masterpieces and repair them if they became damaged, but the most important attribute this sculptor possessed was that he could give life to his creations. In him were attributes of creation, restoration, and eventually, incarnation in his sculptures. These attributes must be displayed in order for him to be the Master Sculptor!

This sculptor began with the smallest amoeba, shaping it and forming it from clay, but eventually became tired of such small challenges. Eventually, he moved into larger beings, shaping them in the way that they would fit into their present environment. This sculptor knew that only certain beings would be compatible with other beings. The amazing thing about this sculptor was that no two beings were sculpted alike in the original. Even to the plants and trees which had their seeds within themselves and began to put forth perpetual life. This was so too of all the sculptures this mighty sculptor created. The great dinosaurs, the smaller dinosaurs, the ancient fishes, that are no longer seen, only occasional remnants found in buried civilizations.

The Master Sculptor became assured that the future sculptures he had in mind would not be able to live with the old ones, so he began destroying the older creations to make room for the new. The only animal sculptures he would make would surely be compatible with what he had in mind. Soon, after many years of thought, breaking the old molds, hiding their bodies away for future archeologists to ponder over, he began creating what he thought would be more in keeping with his own image. You see, any sculptor has complete control over the lump of clay!

At first, these beings were only images of his mind. In this version, the male was both male and female. When the actual sculpture became a reality, he placed both male and female attributes in the one being. After much contemplation, he decided that the male needed a companion, so he took all the female attributes out of the male being and placed them in a being that would reflect what he thought a companion to a man should be. After both beings were formed according to the vision he had in his mind, he exercised his life-giving abilities and caused the sculptures to become living, breathing, beings! The masterpiece will reflect the attributes of the Master Sculptor.

Things ran well for several years as the Master Sculptor allowed his creations to move around freely in their great environment. They were seemingly His masterpiece.  The only requirement he had was that they must adhere to his commands. Suddenly, another being appeared in the form of one of the Masterís sculptures, who had rebelled at the thought of adhering to the Masterís commands. He saw the beautiful female creature that belonged only to the man, and he began to woo her by his charms away from, not only the man, but away from the voice of the Master Sculptor.

After the man and woman disappointed the sculptor, He decided to reconstruct His masterpiece that had taken many years of planning, sculpting, and then the final product. He began with a man who had many of the attributes of himself. The final outcome was that the sculpture became addicted to alcohol. This is how he showed a flaw.  This seemed that many years were wasted on this project. But a true sculpture does not give in so easily as he already had the final masterpiece engraved in his own mind.

A few years passed and the sculptor began another project. This sculpture would surely please him in every way. To assure that he did this the Sculptor removed the man from all his influences, and placed him in a strange land where the sculpture could thrive and maybe multiply. This one turned out to be a twister of the truth. Another one that the Sculptor made was a deceiver of men. Another, on becoming angry at some lesser beings, became angry and disobeyed the Master Sculptor. By this time there had been many sculptures created, both male and female, who possessed many of the attributes of the Master. It was in the Masterís hand to shape and give life to whoever he chose. By knowing what made each of these sculptures fail, the Master was ready to create his masterpiece!

The time finally arrived, after creating many different sculptures, some good, some bad that the Master decided to create the ultimate being. He would have all the attributes of the Master. This sculpture would be in the very likeness of its creator. When he was introduced to those who should have recognized the attributes of the Master, they became jealous and planned to destroy him.  His friends struck him until he died. This they did to undo his influence on other beings, but alas, they were too late! The very essence of this perfect one had already become ingrained in other beings. Since that time, these other beings have displayed the perfection of the Master Sculptor. Where he was kind, they were kind. Where he was patient, they were patient. Where he had displayed love, they displayed love. Where he had become a servant of men, these became servants of men.

If the life of Shakespeare could be infused into another human being, that one would write poems and plays just exactly like Shakespeare. If the life of Beethoven could be infused into another person, that person would write master symphonies. If the life of the Master Sculptor lives in us, we will display every attribute that the Master displayed!

Michelangelo labored on the sculpture of Moses for many years. He kept shaping, reshaping, scraping, chiseling, sweating and agonizing until the sculpture became the very image of his vision. When Moses was finally displayed, the sculptor was caught up in the fact that his creation was exactly as he planned, so much so, that he struck the sculpture on the knee with his hammer and cried, ďSpeak!Ē

The blemish left by the hammer on the knee of Moses is considered to be why the sculpture of Moses is considered a masterpiece!