Making Hay While the Sun Shines
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With daily turnaround in opinions and writing the news, the thought came to me yesterday as I drove back to the Sierras from San Jose, Ca. a very charming thought: With all the money made by the Liberal Media during Donald Trump’s presidency, why would they want anyone but Donald Trump in the White House? And, vice versa, why would the Conservative Media not want Joe Biden to win so they could in turn make millions about his presidency?

It seems as though the media is having a field day bashing everyone who does not agree with them and making a fortune besides! I must admit, I am not the smartest cookie in the jar, but I can see plainly the ‘cash cow’, that someone as popular/unpopular, as the case may be, as Donald Trump, could provide for the media! He has to hide to clear his throat, otherwise, he has Coronavirus! He cannot eat for fear that someone will write a tell-all as to why he favors McDonald’s over Burger King! Did I just unwittingly start a controversy?

Speaking of tell-alls, It is alleged, and with some credibility, that there have been more than 4500 books written about Trump since he was elected president. This is not even beginning to count all the articles written in magazines and newspapers, as well as, the internet news!

Whether one likes Donald Trump, or not, the fact remains that he has caused more turmoil, good or bad, in this country than any other president of note. He has brought out every possible demon from hiding and caused some to use such foul language that it should not even be allowed in print, such was the case of the senator who referred to him in very demeaning terms using his mother as part of the scheme. This senator should have been impeached, or whatever they do with errant senators, or at the least have the mouth washed out with strong soap! What kind of example are these foul-mouthed individuals setting for our youth?

Mary L. Trump, Donald’s niece, wrote “Too Much and Never Enough” which outsold the latest book in the Hunger Series, selling 1.3 million copies. Mary Trump’s book sold more than that in one week! How much hate must be hidden in one person and in the same family? Usually books about politicians are not considered best sellers, but since President Trump entered as president, books about his every move have flooded the market from every imaginable publishing house! Many of these books have been high on the seller list.

Some of the most noted books about Trump have been written by former employees of his cabinet. Herewith is a list of some of the most remembered books and authors:

Michael Wolff-Fire and Fury

Bob Woodward-Fear-More than two million copies

Anthony Scaramucci-Trump the Blue Collar President, Cliff Sims-Team of Vipers, Omarosa Manigault Newman-Unhinged, James Comey-A Higher Loyalty, John Bolton-The Room Where it Happened, Edward Klien-All out War, Lee Smith-The Permanent Coup, Gregg Jarrett-The Russian Hoax, David Horowitz-Blitz, and Lou Dobbs’ forthcoming book, The Trump Century.

Agree, or disagree, many authors, or so-called authors, have benefitted financially by writing about President Donald Trump! If he is not re-elected, who in the world will they bash? How will they make any money? Or, maybe they will retire on their earnings and leave the writing to younger authors who will find another subject to raise to the level of Best-Seller!

I just cannot picture Joe Biden providing the excitement that Donald Trump has stirred up!