Light Brings Life
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 by Frank Shortt
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Before we are born, whatever we will be in life already exists in our bodies. Our bodies are made of dust and when this body expires it will surely return to dust. Any seed, good or bad, requires light in order to live. Our natural bodies require moisture and light in order to live and continue to thrive.

A seed, such as wheat lies in the ground all winter, dormant. As soon as the sun begins to warm the earth at springtime, the seed begins to live. It cannot live without the light of the sun. Many of us lie dormant for most of our lives but as soon as we begin to receive light, we begin to thrive. Light comes when we suddenly realize our purpose in life. When light gets just right and shines upon one of us, we begin to produce what was lying dormant in our bodies all along.

Many of us humans read books of instructions for many things. We read self-help books, exercise books, books on finance, books on how to raise children, etc. What if we never apply any of the information in these books? This could only mean one thing! We did not truly believe what we read, or we are just too lazy to apply what was read. A person who extols the value of what they have read to other people and does not apply it to themselves is only deceiving themselves.

Life in the natural can only come by sunshine and rain. It is when a person goes against the laws of nature that he begins to destroy the earth. Mankind has invented many things that defy the laws of nature thereby breaking down the structure of the earth. Some of these inventions are gun powder, atomic bombs, hybrid food and the list goes on and on. When a person begins to apply the laws of nature to their life, that person is looked upon by others as odd! Some even refer to them as freaks. Living off the grid is slowly becoming a way of life. Could it be that these oddballs have received a little light?

Many humans have been killed for simply questioning the accepted trend! Some men who have come up with better ideas have been killed, maybe not in fleshly killing, but their ideas have been squelched thereby killing their influence over other people. Is this the purpose of mankind? Is this why we live and have our being on the earth? A person who says that they love the light and then hide in a dark basement must surely have something mentally wrong with them.

The younger generation now is carrying on what their forefathers taught them. In other words, they have become living manifestations of what they were taught as seedlings. As more light and moisture is applied to them, they will produce exactly what was in them before they were born. Can a pear tree bear apples? Can a cactus bear pears? Neither can a human bear fruit other than what was in their roots! We are now seeing firsthand what was planted when men began experimenting with atomic explosives. Some humans have witnessed the awesome power of an atomic bomb. Is this our future, to be under the threat of annihilation at every turn of events? Should we be teaching our children how to kill each other rather than how to enjoy the life giving light? All too many of us are full of hate. All too many of us are warmongers! How can we expect our children to thrive and co-exist by teaching them how to kill instead of how to live?
Many of us have justified all the wars that man has fought through the ages. But really, how many wars were fought to prevent being overrun by another power? Was the Vietnam War fought because a small Southeastern Asian nation was trying to overrun the United States of America? Or was it fought to protect the interests of a few industrialists in America? Was the Taliban in Afghanistan threatening to overrun the shores of America? Or did we choose to be a big brother to the Afghan government? There are many unanswered questions when it comes to choosing darkness instead of light. Light brings life! Darkness breeds death! What will we choose?