Lies, Big and Little
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 by Frank Shortt
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As the Holiday Season is in full swing, there are many questions asked yearly as to whether all the things that make up the Season are truths, or are they just products of men's minds known as fables?

Little Susie, who is four years old, began asking questions at an early age regarding the things she was told about different holidays. Most psychologists reason that telling your children "little white lies" about holidays will not harm them in future years. Unfortunately, there are two sides to every story. Hard line believers in the Bible maintain that telling your children "little white lies" can lead them to believe that the truths of history, and of the Bible, are also "little white lies!" Is there any difference in lies, big or little?

"Daddy, is there a real Easter Bunny?" asked little Susie. John, who is a Christian, had to study long and hard in order to give the little girl an answer. "Uh, Uh, of course there is an Easter Bunny," he finally replied! Since the Holiday of Easter is based upon the Bible teaching that Jesus arose from the dead on that day, then John had to compromise his beliefs in order to answer the little girl's question so as not to kill her spirit. Or, did he kill her spirit by answering wrongly?

An alternative answer could have been, "Susie, the story about Easter Bunnies at Easter is an old, old story that has been passed down from generation to generation. This is why we still have the bunnies around at Easter." Now when he tells Susie that there is a real God, will she also question that in light of his answer? This leads to many questions about our Holidays in general.

-Do reindeer really fly?
-Is there a real Santa Claus?
-Does Santa Claus go all over the World on Christmas Eve and deliver presents to all the good little boys and girls? (This fable has been used in countless generations to keep children in line just because the parents did not want to take the time to use more effective discipline!) Dr. Benjamin Siegel, Professor of Pediatrics and Psychiatry at the Boston University School of Medicine has stated, "Kids up to four, five, six, or seven live in what we call fantasy life magic years." This could be one of the reasons that a lot of our history has been debunked by later generations. We could go back to the beginning and question whether there was ever an Adam and Eve, a Moses, a Jesus, etc. and we could begin to question:
-Was there a real George Washington?
-Was there a real Abraham Lincoln?
-Did men just write the Constitution as a way to keep the new colonists in line?
-Was the Constitution written by our founding Fathers, or did it just evolve as men needed cause to set people straight in past generations? (It is easy to take a new document and make it look as old as you would want it to be).
-Did Abraham Lincoln actually sign the Emancipation Proclamation? Was the Gettysburg address actually spoken by Lincoln or was it written by one of his followers?
-Was there ever a First World War, a Second World War, a Korean War, a Vietnam War, or any conflict that we do not have recent accounts of having actually happened? Even if we have recent accounts, were they written by biased individuals?

So was all history written in vain? Was history written by those who were biased in one way or another? If a certain political party was in power at the time of an event, was the history written to make that party look good and the other party look bad? Is this what will happen about the present fiasco in Washington? How could anyone, even the greatest historian who ever lived, make any sense of what is happening to our country at this time? Maybe they will be so ashamed that they will not choose to record this mess so that future generations will be able to see how asinine our leaders were in the early 21st Century!

Now when children ask the age-old questions about the reality of certain myths, maybe you will answer a little different. Maybe you will take time to sit down and explain to the child that some things are true and some things are false. Just because a Dr. so and so says something is true or that we should gloss over the truth of the matter, let's take a long hard look at the situation at hand to insure that the child goes into adulthood with the fullest realization that what he or she has been taught is the truth and not a fable!

There are certain truths that must be accepted by faith alone. When one sees the influence of the truths that are accepted by faith, then that person will know whether it is true or false. Any past mentioned entity will be known by the characteristics that that one entity produced. Anything that is told over and over will become a truth if continued to be told by so-called reputable persons.
Let's just tell the Truth!