Let There be Peace
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 by Frank Shortt
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2019 has kept us on the edge of our seats! There have been threats from the Middle East, North Korea, even the Soviet Union. Some friends we thought we had have shown displeasure at our policies. Go Figure!

Every time we turn around in America, some other little country is threatening to blast us off the map. Is it any wonder that the insane institutions are overflowing? Do we wonder why the prisons for the criminally insane are full? Long lines at our hospitalís Psychologist offices decry the fact that more and more people are being affected by the negative output of our news agencies. How can newspapers and other news media print or tell any good news when they are getting rich publishing negativity? It seems that most Americans thrive on killings, robberies, torture, Trumpís failings, Pelosiís harsh words for the same, mayhem, internal strife in Congress, riots in the streets, pilfering, looting and burning, as well as, multiple shootings! Should it be this way?

Many things are blamed for the way folks are acting. Some blame climate change, some say the stars are lining up wrongly, some blame God, some blame the Devil. How many citizens are willing to place a little blame upon themselves for the attitudes and decisions they have? We all must live with the decisions we make. Lately, when folks make wrong decisions the governments of cities, states and the nation take it upon themselves to bail out the miscreants. Really, who is to blame when a person chooses to use all their hard earned money to gamble, drink alcohol, or buy drugs? There is something wrong with a picture where the poor middle class is required to pay for all the mistakes made in society. Governments seem to think that the coffers of the middle class stay overflowing constantly! Guess what! The middle class have to work for what they get. They cannot go to the government to feed their children. Their children do not get free lunches. Their children are never given a free coat when there are clothing drives. Very few perks are offered their children upon deciding which college to attend. What about that Mr. Government?

I am for peace! I do not like turmoil! When I lay down at night I wish to feel that I have entered my house justified. I, for one, do not like what I see on the evening news. So, what is to be done? With all our technology, isnít there something that could assist us in the pursuit of peace? Arenít our leaders wise enough to help bring folks together instead of tearing them apart? Are they going the way of least resistance just for a stinking vote?

We do not live in a perfect world as we all know. But, shouldnít newspersons send out news as if they were presenting it to their own children? Or, do they want to keep their own children in a state of uproar, mystified, horrified, and traumatized? Hey there Mr. Newscaster, isnít it time for some peace? Shouldnít we be able to turn on our computers and televisions without being blasted with horrifying scenes of devastation? Do we need to see blood running in the streets to be able to imagine the horrible results of killings? Whatever happened to our imaginations? Whatever happened to decency, honesty, integrity, and just plain being able to get along in society? Let there be Peace in the New Year 2020!