Legal vs. Illegal
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It has been said, “a law without a penalty is not a law! Most of the laws in the United States may just as well be shredded and recycled!

Many times in the United States, a person has gone to a local bar, drank alcohol until they could not stand, then are allowed to exit the bar in that condition. He then goes to the parking lot, not without a lot of staggering, finally gotten the key into the door, seated himself haphazardly, then, with much effort he inserts the key into the ignition port. When he finally is able to get the car going, he speeds out of the parking lot into the street, attempting to convey his inebriated body home. As soon as he entered his automobile, he broke the law! There have been cases where these inebriated individuals have sped away home, the result being a terrible accident involving other drivers, killing and maiming the occupants of the other vehicles.

As the police arrive, it is not difficult to assume who was the cause of the accident! If the inebriated one survives the accident, he is taken to the ‘drunk tank’ to sober up and then he is taken to police headquarters where he is charged with ‘involuntary’ manslaughter!
The charge should have been premeditated murder in the first degree! At the trial, the judge, who is oftentimes blinded by lucre, will impose a lesser sentence according to the influence the charged one has on the community. If he has no money to defend himself, he will serve the maximum penalty imposed by the judge!

Legal: definition
1. Of, based on, or concerned with the law. “the American legal system”.
2. Permitted by law. “He claimed that it had all been legal
Synomyms: lawful, legitimate, licit, within the law, legalized, valid, etc.

Illegal: definition
1. Contrary to or forbidden by law, especially criminal law. “Illegal drugs”.
Synonyms: unlawful, illicit, illegitimate, criminal, felonious, etc.

There is a terrible war being fought in Washington, D.C. This war has been going on for many, many years. Each side, Republican and Democrat, blames the other side for the mess. But really, who is to blame? There have been laws on the books of the United States determining what is to be done about immigration. But as was noted before, a law without a penalty is not a law! So, each time an immigration problem arises, it is solved according to which political party happens to be in office. Is it legal, or illegal to pass the borders of the United States without proper identification and legal documents? If memory serves us right, there has been terrible harm done to America by men who were not citizens, but were placed here by foreign agents who intended to do massive damage to the American way of life. The destruction of the Towers in New York and the damage done to the Pentagon was carried out under the very noses of the FBI and the Secret Service Agents of the United States. Was this act of carnage legal or illegal? If the perpetrators had survived would they have been tried and executed under our legal system, or would they have been given immigration immunity and sent back to their perspective homelands to be able to train and return to do more damage to the United States?

When an illegal alien crosses the border of any nation, do they have good intentions, or bad intentions? First of all, as soon as they cross a border illegally, they have broken the laws of that nation. Secondly, they will have to hide out, dodge the authorities on every hand, and possibly be driven to do illegal acts in order to survive. They may suffer malnutrition, be exposed to drugs and alcohol, all with the idea of having a better life.

The Immigration problem in America is nothing but a political football to be bounced around by both parties. Neither side seems to have a concrete answer, nor does it appear that they even want one! Do not they realize that they are messing around with human lives? Do they not realize that these people have feelings, dreams, aspirations, all the same thoughts that brought our forefathers to this land in the first place? Sure, there must be a weeding-out process as to who is allowed to cross our borders. Otherwise, there are many who could do great damage to the citizens already living here, legally or illegally. If a person comes in legally, this means he or she has passed all the regulations permitting entry to this country.

It seems to me that anyone who attempts to do the right thing by all people is “damned if he does, or damned if he doesn’t”! The Ideal thing would be if sane members of each political party in America would come together and do the right thing. But instead, they would rather act like children, or even chickens, trying to establish the right pecking order!
Now Mexico is entering the ranks of the complainers about their people being treated wrongly at the Border! Then why are they allowing their citizens to leave with children in the first place? Why aren’t they feeding their citizens? Then the poor people would not have to subject themselves to the harshness of the desert, the Border patrol, and possible incarceration for who knows how long. Does not Mexico love their citizens? There is no justice for the poor who come to any border of any country, so why would the government of any country allow their citizens to become subject to the laws of another country? Of course, there are exceptions to any thought!

Where will this all end? It is in the hands of a just Creator who will finally decide what is legal and what is illegal. A law without a penalty is NOT a law!