Law and Order
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        Law and order begins in the home. A home with no rules, eventually, will lead to disorder. Constant turmoil, bickering and fighting between parents leads children to believe that this is a normal way of life, whatever the reasons. If parents use drugs and alcohol, how do they expect their children to refrain from such?
This leads to the question; who are the real killers on the streets?
        Shopping malls are so overcrowded, even with school in session, it leads to the question: Do any children attend public school anymore? Malls are used by parents to allow their children to horseplay, destroy store displays, and otherwise raise havoc. It makes a person wonder what kind of home atmosphere these families have. It must be difficult to wade through all the disorder in order to be able to function in these homes.
        Children are no longer disciplined. Instead, the children discipline the parents. Some parents have been observed bargaining with their children after they have told them no to a request for a certain item. Say, who is the adult here? Children have been observed having a screaming mimi fit after being told no!
        Most homes in the forties and fifties had a semblance of order. The husband went to work to support the family. Wives stayed at home to cook the traditional three meals a day. Children were to be seen and heard very little. At mealtime, there would be quiet chatter around the table. If children’s voices became a little boisterous, all the father had to do was clear his throat, instant quiet! Not so anymore, sadly to say.
        A typical meal these days is an instant bowl of noodles. Who eats together anymore? The mother is too busy on face-book to pay the children any mind. Each child eats as he feels like it, and spends most meals in front of the television or playing video games, as well as, texting all their friends while trying to eat. A typical evening, which should be spent with family, is strung out all over the neighborhood. One child has dance lessons. Another has a ball game. Another is at a neighboring child’s home playing video games. So when do these families ever get together. When are the ground rules laid for being a productive member of the family unit?
        The problem today is not juvenile delinquency, but instead it is parent delinquency! It can be said that most families are so disjointed that the children have to buddy up with whoever comes along. If a parent is not a buddy to their children, these children will find buddies, and they might not be the right kind of buddy. This leads to all sorts of unlawful behavior. This does not need to be detailed as we can see the penal institutions being filled up to such a point that some detainees have to be moved out of their home state to be penalized.
        What is the answer? Keep in mind that this is not just an American problem. It is worldwide. The barn door has been left open so how will the barn denizens be contained after having experienced total freedom? Children are being raised by baby sitters, childcare centers, and televisions or computers. Children’s examples are actors, video game characters, or liberal care givers at educational institutions. It is time that parents began to decide what is really important. Children, unfortunately, are like sheep. They must have a leader. When sheep are to be slaughtered a goat is used to lead them to the slaughtering pens. As the sheep fall into the pen, the goat jumps out and goes back to lead more to their fate. To this day, in some countries, shepherds lead their sheep to the pasture every morning and at night he leads them back into the sheepfold and he becomes the door. Most parents could take this as a very good example of how to raise children. Why not give it a try, beginning this Christmas. Instead of buying every toy known to mankind made of cheap foreign made plastic, why not teach the children the art of doing something for someone else. As soon as the New Year begins, these cheap plastic toys fill up the landfills. Talk about a Wall-e situation!!
        So, who are the lawbreakers of society? Is it the juvenile delinquent, or is it the delinquent parents?
Parents! Do you know where your children are tonight, or do you even care?