Last Trump?
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 by Frank Shortt
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Merriam/Webster defines the word trump as: A. a sound of or as if of trumpeting the trump of doom! B. a stentorian voice! (loud and strong!) With all the talk of war with Iran and others, how close are we to the last trump?

In the history of Israel, depicted by historian Josephus, and others, a trumpet was used to alert the citizens of fenced cities of oncoming danger or news of importance from their leaders. The trumpet was of little importance, as that was only the instrument used. It was the sound (trump) that the instrument made that was of great importance! If the trump issuing forth was an uncertain sound, the citizens did not know what they were expected to do. This is when chaos erupts!

Trump’s tweets are stentorian! Whether good or bad, they keep the media stirred up, sometimes to the point of chaos! By the time most journalists figure out the meaning of what has been trumped, they are so confused that they do not know what to write or report. This causes one to think that these tweets are simply for that purpose. The Roman Empire’s motto was: Divide and Conquer! They had that idea down pat! They would go into a country, spreading rumors about a neighboring country then while the two sparring countries fought it out, Rome would step in and take them both over. Their short double-edged sword was very effective in conquering other countries. When Rome conquered another country, they would use the conquered remnant of soldiers as auxiliaries, aiding the main Roman armies in further conquests. This was a very effective method for many years until the Roman Empire became so corrupt that they were taken over by countries that were even more corrupt than they themselves! Could this be happening to America?

Yahoo news online is not helping the Iran/U.S. situation one bit. They continue to give Iran ideas of ways to hurt Trump in the 2020 election not realizing they could be hurting the entire population of America.

The worst thing a country can do is to ‘telegraph their blows’ to another country. May as well sit down and draw them a diagram of what you intend to do. All the threats, cajoling, and haranguing is to no avail. When a country is determined to do a thing, their best course of action is to just go ahead and do it after they have thought out the consequences very carefully!

The people of the United States of America are bombarded by so many different ‘uncertain sounds’ they are mass confused! They do not know who to believe! They do not know who they can trust. They are told by one that what he tells them is the truth then a week later he is brought before Congress for having sordid affairs with countless members of the opposite sex. This can go both ways. If a person is found to be a liar in several affairs, is it possible to ever believe that person again as an accredited leader?

President Trump is not the only trump coming out of Washington. It has gotten so bad that members of each party are contradicting their own party members. Neither major party can offer America anything that has not been offered by countless candidates of the past! Problem is, the trumps have gotten louder and louder and become less effective. The greatest blast of hot air is emanating from the East, and the second greatest blast of hot air is issuing from the West trying to answer the one from the East! Which dragon will win? The one we feed the most!