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John's Friend Kenny
        He was only a little wooden bear named John Muir. His father was a large redwood tree somewhere in Northern California. He now resides in Grizzly Flats, a small mining community in the Forty-Niner gold area. He was created by a man named Muir.
        When the storm struck he did not think it would be a big one. He had withstood many storms in the Sierras. Most only left about six inches of snow. The snow usually melted off the next day as the storm cleared. This snow stayed on for days.
        The temperatures ranged in the lower thirties during the day dropping to the twenties at night. John Muir could not move but he thought many thoughts during the ordeal.
        “What if I should die here all alone? How will I bring joy to children if I am not around? Will anyone remember me and take this awful blanket of ice and snow off me?”
        He caught a horrible cough which lasted several weeks. His eyes watered, matting shut during the night. He thought he could never withstand the awful cold.
        When the storm cleared, a boy named Kenny came out the door of the house. He wanted to see how bad things were after the storm. He looked all around to survey the damage done by the storm.
        “Will he ever spot me? John thought. Doesn’t he care that I am freezing under all this snow? Thank God for a warm winter coat!”
         Suddenly, Kenny’s eyes wandered to the stump where John Muir resided. John saw that Kenny’s eyes showed sadness at what he saw.
        “What are you doing under all that snow, John Muir? Don’t you know that it is winter?”
        John did not say a word. He could only gaze forward with sad eyes and a hopeful heart.
        Kenny began to walk toward John. He reached out with his mittens and began wiping the snow off John’s body. Before long, all the snow was off and Kenny carried John to the front porch of his Poppy’s house to thaw out.
        John was too stunned to speak but in his heart he was very thankful for a wonderful friend. Kenny had a very soft heart for all of God’s creatures. Since that day, John has awaited the arrival of Kenny and always has a beautiful smile for him.
        All that Kenny could say was, “John, I’m sorry I didn’t notice you before the awful storm. Next time I will be more attentive.