Jeanne Carbone
Californian native, Jeanne C. Carbone always loved to write—completing short stories, a novella [think “I am Legend” sans the zombies] and protest poetry in high school. In her 20s she acted in film and commercials writing much of her own dialog for stage performances.
Jeanne is currently an editor for the monthly Campbell Times [www.campbelltimes.com] determining the direction of the editorial content as well as a writer and photographer for that publication. She also writes for the other Times Media Community Newspapers [Almaden, Blossom Valley, Cambrian, Evergreen and Willow Glen] in Silicon Valley. She has written 100s of articles covering local politics, environmental and animal concerns, investigative, features, health, schools, local events, opinion editorials, film, artists and book reviews, obits and a history column on the Santa Clara Valley.
She also is a freelancer for Salute Italian, Industry, Pen Women and other magazines for the past six years. She is currently working on a novel about the real estate industry in Silicon Valley featuring a power player husband and a wife addicted to plastic surgery. With a lifelong passion of the arts, Jeanne has provided publicity for authors and artists as well.

"Jeanne is an excellent journalist who has a strong relationship with the community and an understanding of issues of importance to readers", said City of San Jose Councilmember Nancy Pyle. "Jeanne's unbiased reporting and thoughtful consideration of issues makes her a credible and trushworthy source for news."
When Jeanne’s not writing, she paints and loves to travel photographing and collecting adventures for future novels. A life long believer in education she continues to study creative writing and painting. She lives in San Jose with her three Lhasa Apsos.
2004 Award in Letters—National League of American Pen Women
2003 First Prize winner—California Pioneers of Santa Clara County
2000 Second Place winner—Ladies Home Journal Power to Change
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Jeanne Carbone
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