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 by Laramie Boyd
I was Thinking
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     I was thinking. How many of your friends, or otherwise, or members of the same political persuasion as you or not, do you think believe that during the last ten years, twenty years, or pick any number, the government of the United States has been honestly serving the people. That it has been going all out to keep the country on the same track as the framers of the constitution intended it to? Has whatever party that was in power diligently spent their time and resources in an effort to do what is best for the nation and its people? Honestly?
     I find it impossible to answer yes. To me, for the most part the elected representatives have spent their time making sure that their personal agendas were accomplished, whether best for the nation or not. And time spent by these politicians by and large included keeping track of maintaining their employment benefits in tact, or improved upon. To deny this would require either that a person had a closed mind to reality, or that they had something to gain by not pushing too hard for behavior that would maintain the reputation and standing America once had. It is a fact that the United States in not the great country it once was and probably never will be again. And to blame one party, or one person, would be like blaming it on global warming or the coronavirus, or God, or some other such frivolity.
     Of course, that is not to say that certain individuals did not play a larger part in the demise of America than certain others, that goes without saying.
     Certain names immediately come to mind though, don't they? Names of presidents who have lowered the esteem felt towards America in past years. A short list of the culprits might be Johnson, Nixon, Clinton, Obama, and of course, some would argue, maybe worst of all, The Donald. Need their lies and transgressions to be itemized And consider that even these politicians would still be held, by an unfathomable number of voters, in high esteem. In any comparison, though, there would be no agreement as to who is to finally be blamed and the per cent of such blame. I can hear some on both sides now. 'Oh so and so didn't do it, it was the other so and so.' Do not forget that the newspaper, television, and almost all other media outlets only announce events and opinions that they want distributed. And they omit facts and figures that would not support their biases. The public is told only what the media wants them to be told. This is surely the case. As some say, most media outlets don't report the news, they make it. It is hard to conceal a fact, but apparently easy to distort it or withhold it.
     Keeping all of this in mind, when will the government get back to work doing what they are supposedly elected to do? Time spent on electioneering, bad-mouthing opposing officials, voting in self-serving pay raises and more and better perks takes up much of the time of so-called lawmakers. And now with the possibly Trump-inspired, in some cases deadly, demonstrations, made worse by the impatience and tension generated by the stay-at-home quarantines of the Covid-19, the ineptness of the government stands out, as the officials follow their dangerous habit of making it all a hate-filled political free-for-all instead of how they can work together to alleviate problems.
     So don't be too hasty in taking the easy road, condemning just one person for the current frightening behavior and rhetoric, even if it is very tempting. More than one short 4 year term is needed to lay blame for the mess America is in. Much about the Trump administration is probably easy for one political party to criticize, and he should be condemned for it and whatever else is plausible, but he is not the only one to blame. Who among us could, without blame, cast the first stone?
     Should the current president be legally removed from office? Probably, if enough time remains in the snail-pace impeachment process. Should the Capitol storming hooligans be made to answer for their insurrection? I say definitely. But this is no time for political maneuvering. It's time to enforce the law and to be quick about it before things get out of control. Tempers are hot. Laws are broken without timely enforcement. Whatever it takes, the government has to step up, maintain control and stop the lawlessness of the non-peaceful protesting from spreading. Are you listening Americans?