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 by Laramie Boyd
I Vote No
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        In America today, there is nothing any elected official can say or do that will not result in a backlash of criticism and / or disagreement. Whatever the issue, what ever the point of view, it will not go un-debated and / or un-bashed. And in a way, that's one of the things that has helped make the United States of America as great as it ...was. But...., consider that it would not matter if the President of the United States, or any Congressman, declared that he proposed more and better education for all, medical treatment cost-assistance for everyone, free or financial assistance for other high-cost items, or any entitlement-type program, there would be those clamoring against the idea. Or if any of the same persons who originally opposed those programs had proposed those programs in the first place, those who originally proposed the programs would fight against them. Be it the greatest ideas to ever have been advanced, for the benefit of the greatest number of citizens ever offered, the opposite party of the one who came up with the idea would reject the proposal. And in either case the proposals would be rejected, not because those rejecting the ideas disagreed with it, but rather just because it was proposed by the "other" party. Nowadays, neither party will support any platform the "other" party supports, regardless of any overall beneficial outcomes the proposal may include. We've seen it time and time again. I wonder what would happen if Neil Gorsuch was a Democrat? Would the Republicans need a "nuclear" path to his appointment to the Supreme Court? Three guesses. Would the Republican climb up in arms and stall his appointment? What if Gorsuch was a black man? We saw how Clarence Thomas, a conservative, was madly opposed for his Supreme Court appointment a while back. Does a political viewpoint "trump" a skin color prejudice? A person's views on supporting the Constitution, the main role of the United States Supreme Court, seem to hold no sway when it comes to a yes or no vote for a seat appointment on the Court. How sad!
       Is this any way to run a country? And, if one is objectively watching and listening to what's going on around the country, wouldn't they have to agree that it probably will not get any better. And what can the citizens, realistically, do about this situation that may likely eventually bring this country to a standstill, and maybe not in the too distant future. As the media increases the number of aired incidents of protest, staged or not, whether real or imagined or faked, of different ideologies and factions aiming at impeachment, or resignation, at the highest levels of government, the clock ticks. As these movements spread and increase in volume, the outcome can only be cataclysmic. Rioting mobs, selected party-slanted media reports, do-nothing leaders, lenient judges, add it all up and get ready. 'I can see the lightning play and hear the thunder roll', to paraphrase a writer describing a thunder storm in the Grand Canyon. Can't we find a leader out of this mess anywhere? No budding Lincolns, or Roosevelts, or Kennedys, or Reagans anywhere? Sometimes it makes me want to sob. Come back, beloved country I grew up in. Merle Haggard said it, "Are we rollin' down hill like a snowball headed for Hell? Back before Elvis and the Vietnam war. Before the Beatles and "Yesterday". Before Nixon lied to us all on TV" .Return with us now to those thrilling days of yesteryear the Lone Ranger broadcast asked of us.
       America is ripe for new leadership. We need great men who care about this country and will diligently work towards saving our nation from its own evil self. Let us hope one comes along one of these days.