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           I think Iím as good an American as most. I always vote. I even put the little ďI votedĒ sticker on my shirt and wear it all day. I salute our flag. I stand to sing our National Anthem, I donít ďSuper-SizeĒ and I brush after every meal. Even floss before I go to bed at night. I support our troops in Iraq even though I think the war we started there is one of the dumbest and most serious mistakes our country has ever made. I donít like to hear too many insults thrown at President George W. Bush. I donít think itís good for the country to have our president made a laughing stock or insulted about his intelligence too much. After all, he is our president and it bothers me when so many people think heís not too bright. Címon, folks, he is our president and we should support him until the election in 2008. That doesnít mean we have to give him everything he wants, just donít make him look the fool too much. In fact, if the now majority Democrats have better ideas then go and do them. Donít just stand up in the halls of Congress and criticize Ė do something. Iíve grown tired of the B.S. and, as my grandmother would call it, ďbaloney!Ē
          To tell you the truth, Iím getting sick and tired of most of the men and women running for president from both parties. Iím already tired of seeing them rant and electioneer on television. I get the feeling that theyíre saying whatever they think will get them votes and theyíre not saying things that could cost them votes. They voted for the war in Iraq, butÖ They would have voted against the war in Iraq, butÖ. They would vote for better medical care for Americans, butÖ. They wonít vote for any tax increases, but they will vote to bury our grandchildren in debt.
          Iím fed up. Iíve had it. Itís time for Americans to stand up and refuse to accept mediocrity in government, the same as we wonít accept mediocrity in car repairs, fast food service or septic tank cleaning.
           Now, Iíve looked over the lists of Democrats and Republicans who have announced that they are running for president. Others have expressed interest in running. Others have not fully decided, but may run if they get enough money.
          To start the process of accepting only excellence, honesty and virtue in our leadership I have inaugurated the C.C.R.S. (Cruger Candidate Rating System)
          The C.C.R.S. System is based on a 10 point rating system. A candidate earns one point for a passing grade in each category. 10 points is the highest number a candidate could earn. If not enough is known about a candidate he or she gets a D.K.W.E. (Donít Know Well Enough). Any candidate getting less than 6 points might as well forget being a candidate and go home and get a job selling real estate.
          Here is the C.C.R.S.: (Cruger Candidate Rating System)

1. Charisma
2. B.S Quotient
3. Seems fairly honest
4. Class/Style
5. Is ďone of us.Ē
6. Smarts
7. Trust in him/her
8. Looks good on TV
9. Can read, write good.
10. Good leader


Joe Biden 7
Hillary Clinton 4
Chris Dodd 7
John Edwards 7
Mike Gravel DKWE
Dennis Kucinich 6
Barack Obama 9
Bill Richards 7
Wesley Clark 6
Al Sharpton 5
Al Gore 6


John McCain 8
Sam Brownback DKWE
Rudy Giuliani 9
Duncan Hunter 4
Mitt Romney 6
Jim Gilmore DKWE
Ron Paul DKWE
Tom Tancredo DKWE
Newt Gingrich 4
Chuck Hagel 5

          Naturally, as the days pass and we learn more about the candidates their point totals may change. More candidates could be added to the lists and some may drop out of the race. Some of the candidates might turn and decide to speak their minds and tell the American public how they really feel. Some candidates may actually decide to only speak the truth and trust the intelligence of us Americans. Perhaps one of the candidates will rise up and become the leader we have been looking for, putting country ahead of party. Putting the welfare of 300 million Americans above that of party hacks.
          Stay tuned and weíll update the C.C.R.S. (Cruger Candidate Rating System) periodically. In the meantime, donít hold your breath!