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 by Frank Shortt
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It seems that there are too many candidates seeking the GOP nomination process. Also, there are too many issues being discussed, than will ever come to fruition, leading to nothing but confusion to the now-confused voters of America.
The frontrunner of the pack is Donald Trump., Some see him as a twelve year old spoiled brat. Imagine him dealing with Ruhollah Khomeini after becoming president of the United States:
Khomeini: Mr. Trump, we are planning to continue our nuclear research in spite of all that the world has said to condemn us!
Trump: Mr. Khomeini, if you do that we will never play marbles with you again. We might even take back all the pocket knives that we sent you in order to play mumble-de-peg.
Khomeini: You mean to say that you would leave all the men of Iran without any toys to play with?
Trump: Yes, and besides that, we won’t like you anymore! We won’t ever play with you again! In fact, you’re fired!
Khomeini: If that’s the way you feel about it, you can have your knives back.
Trump: Oh, go ahead and keep them, I really didn’t mean it that way at all.

So, what is Trump’s game? Is it his idea to promote Hilary, as she seems to be on friendly terms with him since his wedding? Is he trying to split up the Republican Party and to get each Republican candidate tearing at the throat of the others? How much longer will the GOP put up with this onslaught? Or, is all this carefully calculated to assure Trump a place in the White House in 2016, even at a lesser level? There seems to be some chicanery being manifested at this time. Every time Trump is ‘called’ on one of his rash statements he always has the same answer: “I didn’t mean it that way.” He has resorted to arguing with news ladies and alienated a large number of Hispanics by calling them criminals and outcasts of Mexico. Maybe he does not realize that there are Hispanics from all other Spanish-speaking countries that cross our borders, legally or illegally! What about them Donald? Have you considered that the female vote can make or break a politician?
Trump has had run-ins with Bette Midler, Hilary Clinton (maybe?),(their daughters are said to be best friends!) Ariana Huffington, Megyn Kelly, Carly Fiorina, Kristen Stewart, President Obama, John McCain, the British Press, Rosie O’Donnell, China, Mexico, Bill Maher, Gaddafi, Child Vaccinations, and OPEC! The list goes on and on. This just about covers all the corners of the globe, so which country will the USA have as an ally when, or if, he becomes president? There is an old saying in the southwestern United States: ‘Honey draws many more flies than vinegar’! It seems that Trump will eventually become an isolationist! His greatest comeback is “You’re not playing fair”! This seems like a child’s response. Does anyone in this world play fair when they strive for the mastery? His latest assertion is that he is a whiner and will ‘whine’ his way to the White House, even if it means taking another door, which could be a Third-Party run.
What has become of men like George Washington who stood for a principle? What about Abraham Lincoln who helped to preserve the union, even at the cost of his life? Where are the men like Teddy Roosevelt who walked softly and carried a big stick? Have all the men, who died in battle to preserve our American way of life, died in vain? It seems that it has come down to few bickering spoiled brats who have forgotten what freedom really means! Who is the one discussing the important issues of national debt, unemployment, homelessness, people’s rights, etc.?
It is hard to imagine that America cannot produce at least one man who will stand up for what is right even in the face of insurmountable odds. It is hard to fathom that men would stoop to arguing about who has a better public image just because one wears a sweep-over! Where is the one who would cry, “Give me Liberty or give me death”? It seems that America needs a complete makeover from the cupola clear down to the dank basement!
It seems, all that Trump is interested in is whether he gets a good rating with a news station, such as Fox news! If he doesn’t he tells them, “after all I’ve done for you and this is how I am treated”! Is this presidential rhetoric, and who are all these people that are giving him such a great approval rating?
Is all this a well-calculated plot of a master thinker to throw off all the opposition at the onset?
It seems!