It's all about Ratings, and Money!
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 by Frank Shortt
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       Network T.V. and the internet have had a firestorm of news, fake, factual, and otherwise since the dawn of the Trump era. Makes one wonder how one man can generate so much enthusiasm among the denizens of the press!
       There have been articles such as; Trump blew his nose in public! Trump wore a blue pair of pants with a black sports jacket! Melanie wore a dress made by a little known designer! Trump scratched his nose/back side in public! Ivanka disagreed with her dad about his treatment of women! (After all, she is a woman!) Barron Trump moved into the White house along with his mother! Tell me, What in the world do these articles have to do with the running of the largest economy in the known world?
       Greta Von Susteren has reported for three major networks over the past few years. As far as her reporting is concerned, she is probably as good as any out there. Now, all of a sudden, her spot dropped in ratings by a couple thousand viewers. How these cable networks can determine how many viewers watch a certain show is beyond me.
       Greta went to MSNBC only six months ago when she was let go from Fox Network because of a financial disagreement. Does Nielsen work for these networks and dictate who is to be let go and who is to stay?
       This whole weekend has been taken up about news that Donald, during a tweeting tirade on Thursday, insulted a couple of reporters who had previously insulted him. Doesn’t this sound like elementary school where two second grade children are answering the teacher for fighting on the playground? “Did too! Did not! Did too! Did not!” I think we need another second grade teacher to mediate between Donald and the media in order to stop this latest firestorm.
       Networks that majored on the latest tweets of Donald scored millions of viewers who would normally care less whether Donald wore his pajamas inside out or whether Melanie slept with a long gown. My question is: Do the American people care that our world is going downhill in a hand basket? Do they care about all the killings in one day on American city streets? Or are they waiting anxiously for the next stupid tweet by Donald that will once again make T.V. ratings go up tremendously? It has been said by a Stanford professor that this is how Donald lets off steam.!
       This one American’s advice to Donald is: Stay off the internet! Stop telegraphing your blows! As any second grade student knows: “Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me!”
Good advice, Donald!