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by Ron Cruger
       Election day is approaching. Pretty soon Iím going to have to make up my wishy-washy mind and decide who is getting my vote Ė Barack Obama or Mitt Romney. There are things about both of them that I like and some things I donít.
       For example, Iíve heard Mitt Romney talk about how heís going to put twelve million Americans to work, but I havenít heard how heís going to do it. On the other hand, Barack Obama said he would put millions of Americans back to work, but so far things havenít worked out that way.
       I like the way Mitt Romney looks and talks. If ever anyone looked like a president he sure does. On the other hand, I like that Barack Obama was elected as our first black president. As an American it makes me feel good that a black man can gain the highest office in the land. His election gave all Americans hope.
       Mitt Romney is rich and wants to lower the taxes of rich Americans. His thinking is that the rich people will invest in America and give more Americans jobs. The more money we let rich people keep the more they will invest in jobs for Americans.
       Barack Obama says we should raise the taxes on rich people. Then the government can use that money to give to poor people so they can get better jobs and move into the middle class.
       Romney says we should support Israel. Obama says we do support Israel.
       Romney says Iran is a threat. Obama says we are watching Iran closely and wonít allow them to be too much of a threat.
       Obama says the government needs to spend billions of dollars to get our economy moving. He says itís governmentís function to spend the money to improve the nationís unemployment and financial condition. Romney says government shouldnít stick its nose into the problem. He says leave private enterprise alone and it will solve its own problems.
       Obama says weíre spending too much on the military, we have to cut back. Romney says we canít cut back on our military expenditures. Itís not only to keep our army strong, but there are a lot of jobs for Americans involved with the military. The military is good for businesses.
       Romney wants to get rid of a lot of the earmarks that require billions of dollars of tax money. Obama isnít in any hurry to get rid of all the earmarks.
       Romney says that Obama made a lot of promises about things he would improve and he hasnít kept them. Obama says that the Republicans in Congress stymied most of the things he wanted to improve in America. Obama claims that it was a design by Republicans to defeat any plan proposed by Obama.
       Obama said he would get Osama bin Laden and he did. Romney says that Obama did a great thing in finding and killing bin Laden but he shouldnít be bragging about it.
       Obama said he would redesign the nationís health care system and it resulted in ďObamaCare.Ē Millions more Americans are now eligible for health care. Romney says that ďObamaCareĒ is one of the worst things that has happened to America and if he is elected the first thing he will do is to get rid of ďObamaCare.Ē
       Romney thinks that the government shouldnít have been involved with the saving of the auto industry. Obama feels that if the government didnít get involved with the financial recovery of the auto industry it would have died.
       Romney is thankful that the Supreme Court decided in favor of ďCitizens United,Ē whereby large corporations, rich individuals and Political Action Committees (PACís) can contribute to presidential candidates with unlimited funds (as long as they donít discuss things with the candidates!). Obama didnít like the decision because millions more dollars are directed to the Republican candidate that formerly were given to Obama and Democrats.
       Romney is receiving an increased share of the donations from bankers and Wall Street that previously went to Obama. Evidently more bankers and Wall Streeters would prefer that Romney represent them in the Oval Office. Many have switched from supporting Obama to backing Romney.
       Obama leans towards supporting unions. Romney is not that strong a protector of the nationís unions.
       Romney says he favors smaller government. Obama believes that government must be an essential part of Americanís lives. Iíve seen all the viral videos sent over the internet by devoted followers of Obama and Romney. Even the nasty ones.
       And so, decision time for me is coming. Am I going to cast my ballot for Obama or Romney?
       Iíve checked the facts. Read about both candidates. Listened to all the proís and conís. Thereís only one thing left for me to do on Tuesday, November 6, 2012.