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     To paraphrase Patrick Henry, the man who said "Give me liberty or give me death", it is not the government's job to restrain the people, it is the people's job to restrain the government. Maybe it's time for some serious restraint. Consider the following ideas, some I received as an e-mail, and see which you agree with. Maybe they should be called the "Congressional Reform Act."

       Members of Congress get more time off and more and better benefits, by far, than most working Americans. And still, most of the time they don't get their job done in a timely, professional way. Isn't it time to hold them accountable, not to themselves, but to the people? The bottom line is, Congressmen are not special, they are not better than every other citizen, so why should they be treated like they are entitled to the high salary, retirement pay guarantees, total health benefits for life, unlimited car and gasoline allowances, free postage, and other probably more ridiculous advantages? I can just hear both sides of the aisle now. "Oh well, the dollar amount of those items are such a minute fraction of the total budget, they wouldn't make any difference in the overall picture." Wake up America! Should we just sit idly by and watch? They do make a difference!
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