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     One J. Immelt, CEO of General Electric, has decided to move the company's image making division, which includes the X-ray and health care unit, from Wisconsin to China. G.E. spokespeople say the move will "grow their global footprint, make G.E. more nimble, and support the Chinese government's 12th 5-year plan, plus develop health care settings in rural China." What this all means, I have no idea. But something strange did come out of the furor it caused. A while back, President Obama chose Immelt to head up his Job Council, which has as its goal "to boost hiring in the private sector." One critic of this appointment suggested that maybe Obama forgot to tell Immelt which private sector he was supposed to boost hiring in, the U.S or China. If you really believe that Obama has the desire and the know how to provide more jobs in the present market, which he just now started even talking about because it's close to campaign time, you might believe statements to the effect that more jobs will be created because China G.E. will be manufacturing items that the U.S. needs to import, and jobs are needed to import goods. Don't be fooled by that one.
      Recall that G.E. was given a $140 billion bailout from Obama, G.E. paid no taxes last year, and a $4 billion profit was on their books. One caustic observer of the situation gave what could be taken as an inside trader tip, that maybe the hemp rope business might be a good investment at this time. I'm not positive what he meant, but it may have had something to do with a noose for two.
    G.E. already hires more workers overseas than it does here in the States. It seems bizarre to many that the person Obama would hire to develop more jobs in the U.S for Americans is a man who just reduced the number of American jobs in the U.S. I doubt this will set well for the average American come election time in 2012.
      Has the President lost his focus, as one aide suggested, and is not wholly committed to gaining re-election? Headlines on the web declare "Obama's Approval Hits All Time Low." During one campaign speech that was aired, he resorted to using sound bites of clapping after a statement he made, and canned laughter, like that used on TV sitcoms, after an attempt at humor. Strange behavior indeed from the "leader of the free world," who as yet has not made an all out effort to squash the anxiety, unrest and fear so many Americans are feeling. Do we dare suggest that he cancel his 9-day vacation in Martha's Village and get back and run the country like he's supposed to.
    I believe that most Americans, and more and more Democrats, are disappointed and fed up with the arrogant tone of the President's speeches, in which he implies that things are going okay, that he has a handle on the situation, and there's no need to panic because this is the United States of America and we always persevere. Mr. President, that is virtual reality, and you need to get serious and take a look around to see what's really going on, and if you are happy with what you see, you're not the right man for the job you were elected to do. Americans are losing confidence in the Congress and in you. Don't make any long range decoration plans for the White House, as it may not be your address much longer.
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