Isn't it Time?
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Headlines: A little boy lost his favorite dog!

A little boy in Georgia was playing by a creek with his pet dog, Fido, when all of a sudden the dog disappeared. The little dog was a Chihuahua so it was assumed that ICE agents picked it up because it was in this country illegally! Trump gets the blame!

As ridiculous as this fictional tale may seem, it is happening in this country all the time. Every time a criminal is shot, every time a person is arrested for beating up another person, even if they are of the same race, it was Trumpís fault!

I am not a big fan of President Trump. But, it is difficult for me to believe that he is responsible for every crime, every act of hate, every killing that goes on in this country! In case you did not notice there have been acts of hate even going back to the beginnings of man where that a brother killed his brother out of nothing but raw jealousy! It Trump was responsible for all the problems in the U.S., he would have to be omniscient, omnipresent, and would almost have to be God!

It is getting pretty bad when the daughter of another infamous President has to stick up for the twelve year old son of the present President who is being attacked by the far left media. This is the same as killing the farmerís cow to get back at the farmer for some grudge held against him. Thank you Chelsea!

Isnít it time to lay the blame where the blame really belongs? Isnít it time for America to wake up to the realization that she has become a nation of Hatemongers? Is there anyone who will responsibly shoulder the blame for their own bad judgment? Would it do any good to plead with these hateful people? Would it do any good to tell them that when they belittle someone else they are making themselves look terrible?

Monday, in New York a young mother was in line awaiting her turn to be helped by Human Resources employees. She grew tired, and as there were no chairs available, she sat down on the floor with her child. It was found out later that she had outstanding warrants, but the arresting officers had no knowledge of this at the time of the incident. The Security officers at the Human Resources Department were the ones who used bad judgment by creating a scenario where the local police force was called into the melee. Why did not the Human Resources Officer just offer the lady a chair? He saw that she was carrying a child, but began harassing her instead of trying to help her! As stated before, that officer did not know beforehand that the woman had outstanding warrants! The local police to an already stressful melee!

The thing that bothered me was the fact that some African American Leader had the nerve to blame the whole incident on Trumpís border policies! Please, someone explain to me what the unfortunate harassing of an African American lady has to do with the poor, beleaguered Immigrants on the Southern border of the United States? This leader of men did more than a little to damage to the already fragile relationship between the races of America!

Rodney King once said, ďWhy canít we all just get along?Ē This resounds truer today when the Original Prince of Peace is, supposedly, being celebrated! What would the founder of the Christian religion think of all the hatred being displayed, yes, by supposed adherents of His teaching? Letís just blame Trump for every murder, every hate act, every robbery, every ridiculous thing that has ever happened down through history! If the truth was made known, there would be a lot of, so-called, Christians being asked, ďAre you without faults, then why not cast the first stone?Ē

Peace on Earth!

A young lady from the east coast
Went on to Charlottesville one day
She thought to save humanity
Even from itself, so they say!

Like the One two thousand years hence,
She had a great plan in her mind,
But, alas, her plans were cut short
A maniac drove from behind.

How many more martyrs will give
Their lifeís blood for the cause of right?
As evil men make hateful plans
All in the dark and dreadful night!

If thereís one thing to remember
At this festive time of our year
ďMake peace with at least one person
Showing that one you really care!