Is It Time for All to Be Free?
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 by Frank Shortt
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There seems to be more trouble in the world than has ever been! No matter where one may look, something is going wrong! Is a person truly free living under the threat of war all the time?

Why is it, that in order for one’s ego to zoom, someone else must be put down? Why are smaller countries constantly verbally attacking larger countries? Is it out of jealousy, discontentment, or fear? Is a person really free living under fear?

Some heads of nations have a tendency to keep some groups feeling little, why do they do this? Could it be a political scheme to throw the put-down group a bone in order to show how much they are doing for the people? We all need to change our attitudes in order to tame the inward beast of superiority. After all, this human body, minerals and all, equal out to about $4.50! Then we want to wrap a $75, 000 automobile around it to show our importance in the community. Is the person who needs this kind of assurance really free?

As soon as men suddenly realize that there is no one less than themselves that others do not need to jump at their every whim, is when we begin to see a change in society. As leaders suddenly realize that they are placed in power for the ultimate purpose of serving their fellow man instead of taking from their fellow man, we begin to change. Oh, what a great responsibility is placed upon leaders! They are not to shove people around, but instead, they need to show leadership.

The leader of a country is not to take but to give. He promises to be a servant! How many leaders in the world are truly servants of the people? How many are taking instead of giving? How many judges are really eligible to pass judgment on another? How many of them need to clean out the chambers of their hearts before passing judgment? Many judges are totally hypocritical, indicting others when they are guilty of the same crime! Is this freedom? Is that judge really free?

What the whole world really needs is an example of someone being a truly, exemplary citizen! Could that citizen be you in your community? We should all work to that end! Then we could be examples for our children, our grandchildren, our neighbors, and our whole community! Why don’t we give it a try?

We have had examples of great men and women in the past who have given part of themselves in order to help struggling humanity. Wouldn’t it be great if each of us could apply each part of each good example and become that for our own area? Then the part would become a whole! Then we could all be truly free!

Mount Rushmore
(Four Men)

Washington stands alone as father of our land
A true connoisseur of freedom who led a ragtag band!
To aspire to higher ideals, reminding us today
That the only price of freedom, is the eternal vigilant's way!

Jefferson stands alone as author of a dream
Where each of us was guaranteed the pursuit of
Life, liberty, and happiness, but not forgetting
That a government allowed taxing our food, is not one of love!

Lincoln stands alone as the emancipator of men
Who once screamed, "I'll break the slavery of all
If it costs me my life!" this being prophetic
As Booth, a disgruntled rebel, caused his fall!

Teddy stands alone, a rough rider, statesman, formidable foe
Of all that would challenge America, his creed
"Walk softly, carry a big stick" echoed world-wide
Making the U.S. a world power, a voice to heed!