Is America Great?
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 by Frank Shortt
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Tired mothers and fathers can be seen kissing their children as they drive them to pre-school, day care, or regular school. Fathers can be seen carrying their school-age children on their backs, during inclement weather, to prevent them from slipping and sliding on muddy, steep hillsides.

A lot of parents today want their children to do great things. They want to do even better for their children than their parents did for them. It is a bet that if they looked closely at their upbringing, their parents did the best they could under the circumstances they had to face. There are always exceptions to any rule and all parents are not good parents!

Greatness is individual! All children are not destined to greatness. Some are meant to be just ordinary citizens. Some families are great, some are not. It is simply how you look at greatness. All greatness is not enormous. Some greatness is just the ordinary guy heading to his chosen profession, making a living for his family, coming home at night, bringing in the groceries when needed, and keeping watch over his family.

America has proven greatness throughout the years as she has been the protector of smaller nations keeping them safe from larger, more aggressive nations. Sometimes America has over-extended her greatness and gotten herself in hot water trying to be all things to all people! She has gotten herself in deep debt by trying to “buy friends” by providing other nations with what they said they needed. Sometimes this is not a great policy.

A person’s innate goal is to be some kind of great. We should all strive for greatness. We cannot look backward like a frog or look too far forward to the future as we do not know what the future may bring. Looking too far back or looking too far forward causes us much anxiety. We can only live in a sane manner by doing what needs doing on a daily basis. A person with a double mind is unstable in all his or her ways. We were meant to only concentrate on one thing at a time, otherwise, we begin to see things running together.

In order to attain to greatness, be the example on your street, be the example in your neighborhood by doing for others. This is how to be a truly great citizen. As you attain greatness in your homes, your street, and your neighborhood, you will be an American who can say, “I believe that America is great!”

America has her faults! We all have our faults. America has made many mistakes in the past through the decisions made by mortal men and women in leadership. Even though America has made many mistakes, and is prone to mistakes, we are still the best that the earth has to offer in the way of freedom, opportunity, and feeling safe at night because of our superior Armed Forces. True greatness is not measured by the mistakes we have made but is measured by the good we have done! We must ask ourselves each day; “What have I done today in the way of greatness!? What makes any nation great is the great people she produces!