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by John Nippolt
     It never occurred to me that in my lifetime I would discover my country really doesn’t seem to need a president. It’s a sobering thought when you realize the person chosen to lead our country is ignorant of the responsibilities of holding the office for which he was elected. For instance, if one has no empathy for people, one can’t pretend to have it no matter the form protocol demands. It is troubling to note he is admired by many of his supporters more for the important qualities he lacks.
     My opinion of him continues to reach new depths. His most recent outrage let a personal petty feud publicly dishonor a long-standing senator of his own party. The white house flag went back to full staff after only 48 hours, in his attempt to take away the deserved recognition of a patriotic American’s service to the people and the country he loved and fought for. The American Legion and a number of veteran’s organizations had to shame him into re-posting the flag at half-staff until after the burial as is tradition. It is incomprehensible for me to respect a man who used every excuse possible to avoid military service and then proceed to denigrate a man who felt it his duty to volunteer to serve his country honorably.
     This pseudo-president does not pass up any chance to proclaim his huge intellect. His vast array of knowledge about everything is unrivaled. The only unrivaled skill he possesses is lying. He lies about his lies. It is no longer a surprise to know the person elected to the presidency prefers to live in his New York high rise apartment or in his Florida golf course hotel. He makes money from an entourage that must follow him around and stay at his properties. Taxes fund the salaries for government officials. Isn’t it against the law for an elected official to profit personally through the office that official holds? Does anybody find it ironic that a man who says, “You’re stupid if you pay taxes,” or brags, “I don’t pay taxes,” is the same man who makes personal gains at the tax payers expense.
     He promised he’d drain “the swamp” and I believe he kept that promise. He drained it and hired every bottom feeder he could find in it to assemble his team. The problem that has followed with those appointments is as fast as he appoints, he disappoints. He undercuts everyone in his wake. He will befriend you, share confidences with you and then use those confidences against you. He will betray you. It is what he does best. Dissention and disruption are his tools. He made remarks the market will crash if he is impeached. Why? He indicated violence will erupt if he loses ground in the upcoming elections; already blaming his opposition for the violence he suggests will take place. Why? He degrades the media calling it fake because they paint portraits of him and his associates as the corrupt scoundrels they are. He also blames Google, Facebook and Twitter to be “rigged” only with liberal prejudicial images and stories of him. He is trying to deconstruct the Justice Department, the CIA, the FBI and every organization he dislikes or that doesn’t support him. He disconnects those who work for him simply to assert himself as the big intimidating man he believes he is. He causes dissention among political parties, government agencies, and people. His recent demands and warnings to Evangelical pastors to spread his propaganda from their pulpits are laughable considering what he says out of the other side of his mouth. Yet, it’s all o.k. isn’t it?
     No, it is not o.k., none of it. What of the Mueller investigation? What about Russian influences in American politics? How many lies must we continue to hear from him? He is not O.K. The current arrest and conviction of many of his closest associates should tell you that he is part and parcel to much that is criminally wrong, but his greatest headlines are yet to come.
     More than how he seems to show us we can manage without a president, he shows how desperately we need committed leadership that includes an administration that works together. America is a difficult country to govern. We contain multitudes, people from all over the world with competing ideals. We are still learning how to gain common goals for the good of as many people as possible. American History tells us how difficult those goals are to reach. We must keep trying. The future of our country is at stake.
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