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      I suppose most everyone has heard the latest in jumping on the bandwagon of non-heterosexual marriages. In this case it was not even a same sex wedding that took place in Palm desert, California, at the Palm Desert Resort Country Club. It seems that the "bride" and "groom" were canines. That's right, dogs. Looking for a way to get donations for a pet humane society, the owners of two small terriers, one male and one female, decided to join their mutts in "wedlock" and proceeded to invite 100 or so guests. An open bar, a wedding cake, and flower arrangements made the event a fun time for all.

      The ceremony was officiated by a local golfer, decked out in a white collar for the occasion. Pictures, shown in the local newspaper, were taken of the "couple" and they seemed to enjoy the festivities. Any honeymoon plans made were not revealed.  I suppose the "straight" attendees were happy the guests of honor were of different genders, but there were rumors that the gay community thought the whole episode was a slap in the face, seeing as how even dogs could headline in a marriage ceremony, but same sex partners were restricted in most cases. I wonder what sort of pairing up all of this might be leading up to. Man and woman, man and man, woman and woman, now dog and dog? This could get spooky if it gets out of hand, considering the possible cross combinations, statistically speaking. 

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