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 by Frank Shortt
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     Throughout history there have been men who appeared on the earth for the purpose of directing other men back into the right paths that they have strayed from.
     The greatest enemy that mankind has been plagued with throughout history is something that every man possesses. This possession is what causes fear, anxiety, rebellion, and even anarchy. It has caused great men to fall, sane men to commit acts of terrible violence, and will cause a straight thinking person to go inside themselves never to come out!
     When Martin Luther arrived on the scene during, what is termed, the Great Reformation, his main message was that the ‘just men should walk by faith’ and during his talks he specifically pointed out one major fault of the organized church system of that day; the doctrine of indulgencies, in which another leader named Tetzel, had stated, "As soon as the coin in the coffer rings, the soul from purgatory springs”! The selling of these indulgencies became the major theme of the church during what is termed as the ‘dark ages’. As Luther’s movement grew, other men who “thought they knew what Luther meant”, resorted to instilling fear in the adherents, causing much anxiety, who then rebelled against their greatest enemy, the church of Rome, and then began burning and looting the large edifices erected by the Roman church. This happened, so regularly, that Luther cried out, “Oh God, save me from my friends”! It was not Luther’s intention to start a new religion, only to try and reform the broken parts of the old! After all, Luther was an ordained priest in the order of the Roman Religion. He only saw that the common man was being taken advantage of.
     When Jesus Christ appeared on the earth, some of His followers resorted to the taking of indulgencies. One in particular, Judas Iscariot, found comfort in the money bag more so than in the teachings of Christ who’s main theme was “Love your enemies, pray for those who despitefully use you!” Had there been large media outlets in those days, they would have been printing “what they thought Jesus meant, instead of just saying what he said! When the leaders of His day went off, “half cocked”, this instilled fear, anxiety, rebellion, and death to anyone who adhered to the teachings of Christ.
     Could this be happening today? With the ‘prosperity attitude’ of our Government, what will be the outcome? Each time something is leaked from the White House that Trump is going to do this, or Trump is going to do that, about 95% of what the public receives about it is pure conjecture! About 85% is products of men’s minds because they do not have all the facts and must satisfy America’s hunger for anything negative said about Trump! They too are going off ‘half cocked’! The greatest thing any governmental body can do is just go ahead doing the ‘right thing to do’ and let men’s minds, (their greatest enemy) continue to hum like a buzz saw printing what they think someone else means! Even though, the economy in the U.S. is at a very high level, the ‘esprit de corps’ in America is at its lowest ebb ever! This is brought on by men who would rather print sensational journalism rather than speak the Truth!
     Melania Trump has given cause recently for some of the greatest conjectures of all times. Just because she had some type of kidney ailment, that took longer to mend than first diagnosed, the press went into a frenzy! Stories came out that she had been more seriously ill than first reported. This caused some to think that she was dying. Others speculated that she and Trump were splitting up and that she had run off to some distant hideaway! Some news outlets reported that she was being abused, while some took the vanity side and reported that she was having another facelift. One wonderful journalist even suggested that Kim Kardashian was the new Melania! It is driving the media insane that they do not know, in truth, just what to report. It seems that all these things are products of men’s minds and, as far as Trump is concerned, they probably will never know the truth!
     Just yesterday, June 5, 2018, I had to go to the DMV for the purpose of renewing my driver’s license. I lay awake the night before fretting and stewing over all the possibilities of what ‘could’ come up when I arrived at the DMV. I arose at 5:15 a.m., rushed in all my morning ablutions, ate a speedy snack, and arrived to the DMV around 6 a.m.! There was one automobile in the whole parking lot, whereas, in my mind I had it figured out that practically everyone in San Jose was due to renew and would be at this particular DMV! In spite of my overactive mind the doors opened right on time at 8 a.m., I was able to fill out the application (online), have my photo snapped, pay the $35 fee, and was informed that I could also do the written test online. This was all to my satisfaction. All the worry! All that woe! All to no avail! I passed the test, thank God, with flying colors, and was issued a temporary license! I left the DMV with a great sense of relief, as if a huge oxen yoke had fallen off my shoulders.
     Products of men’s minds have caused wars, misinterpreted clear directions, broken up families (due to jealousy), caused great anxiety, caused men to rebel needlessly, and has been the cause of many suicides! Isn’t it time, we in the U.S. began to get out of our minds and back into our hearts as we deal with each other and with our daily routines. I cannot think of a better way to solve all the, seemingly complex, problems that we face as a world, a nation, a state, and in our own homes!
     Let’s try to get out of our mind
     Breaking all the ties that bind!