Independence Day, July 4, 2019
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A 6.4 earthquake shook the desert regions of Southern California today. On checking the remarks of most citizens, there was not one mention of politics from anyone. Most remarks had to do with what it would take to put the communities hardest hit back to some semblance of normalcy.

Trump was criticized strongly about having tanks, fly-overs, and a parade at the Fourth of July Celebration in Washington. This he did, whether we agree with him or not,  in light of the situation with Iran, and possibly to show Kim Jong Un that he means business when he says that he has the capabilities to help or harm either nation. Has a show of force ever deterred war? Military policies before WW1 proved not to be a deterrent. The same could be said about WW2, the Korean Conflict, and the Vietnam War. If Trump took his millions and solved every issue facing the United States, would he still be criticized by those groups who do not agree with him? Every president in history has been criticized by the other faction! In case you have not heard, we have freedom of speech in America on this Independence Day. Insomuch that it sometimes reaches the point of slander!

The Democratic Party is split along party lines about the issue of busing way back when. Just as a point of reference, I was bussed back in the 1950ís and 60ís, 14 miles one way in order to get to go to High School. If anyone thinks that sitting on those un-upholstered seats for all those hours did not contribute to the hemorrhoids that some of us suffered in later life, they have another thought coming. In winter, the seats were so cold sometimes that they had to be thawed out by sitting on them awhile. The heater in the old bus sometimes worked, sometimes it did not. Imagine having 40 or 50 active kids breathing into the coldness inside the bus and what it did for fogging up the windows. The driver, Mr. Brown, would sometimes have to stop and get up from his seat to wipe down the windows before he could see to proceed. The older children usually gave him a hand in this effort. If the bus slid into a ditch on the mountainous roads, these same children had to get out in the snow and push the bus back into the road. Most of us mountain children were so poor that our parents had to buy substandard clothing or used clothing for us to fight the elements. Life was a blast back then!

Bernie Sanders is falling behind in his money-raising efforts! Some are bragging about being gay! Some are bragging about all their other sexual exploits! Donít you think that a person should keep his/her sexuality private? Isnít that supposed to be one of the most private matters between two people? Yet, there is havoc on every hand on this Independence Day. There have been multiple robberies in every city around the globe! There have been multiple killings around the globe. There have been threats of one country annihilating another country with the largest bomb they can concoct! Yet, we go on bragging about our physiques, about our Teslas, about our huge home on the hill, and about all the money we have in the bank! What good will any of this do us when we are faced with a devastating earthquake or fire? We will only be sifting through the ashes trying to find one shred of evidence that we were once well-off! On this Independence Day, 2019, some of the people in the desert towns of Southern California are wondering if it is even worth it to rebuild!

Folks, isnít it time we faced reality? Isnít it time we began to do as Rodney King suggested, ďCanít we all just get along?Ē

History tells us that during the great Stock Market Crash of October 24, 1929-October 29, 1929, there were folks actually jumping off high bridges, tall buildings and even shooting themselves because they lost all their material wealth. They were not content to use their resources of strength and health to start life over again. Yes, folks, we are having an Independence Day Celebration, but there is a Great Depression of morals, love of fellow man, and a sense of well-being among our citizens of this great country called, of all things, the United States of America!Show me one that agrees with another one!