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Everyone pretend to be shocked for a moment: Anderson Cooper is gay!


Okay, moment’s over.

        Earlier this week, Anderson Cooper broke the news to the world that he is, in fact, gay. Big surprise. No, really, it was. Cooper has always maintained the position that journalists, even high-profile types like himself, should always keep their personal lives and professional lives separate in order to stay as unbiased as possible in their work.

        Cooper is the son of fashion icon Gloria Vanderbilt — maybe that’s what made him gay — kidding, of course. Cooper, although raised in a wealthy home and treated to only the best (The Dalton School), made an incredibly successful name and life for himself. From early beginnings which included borrowing a friend’s video camera and faking a press-pass to get into the nitty gritty overseas to his more current happenings as the host of AC360 on CNN, one of few news personalities to reach celebrity status, Cooper has proven to the world that he’s not just some spoiled little rich kid. And for that, I respect him immensely.

        Sincerity has always been his best quality. I don’t tune into Good Morning America or The Today Show because I don’t find those types of shows interesting. Sure, it’s great to wake up to in the morning, but I find fulfillment in things with a little more substance. I enjoy hard hitting newscasts. AC360 has always given me that. From reports on the front-lines of war-zones to on-location coverage in the wakes of hurricanes and tsunamis, Anderson Cooper has given it his all. And who could forget his fit of giggles over Gerard Depardieu’s “trip to Urination”, the sound of which was appropriately described by a fan as “unicorns farting rainbows”. So yes, Anderson Cooper is gay. That’s not going to change how much I want to follow in his footsteps or how much I want to have his life.

        I’m sure there are millions of women around the world who are devastated, and maybe it does prove the old saying that “the best men are gay” true, but in any case Anderson Cooper is (officially) playing for the boys team now.
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