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Predicting the future is a risky business and one that will, given time, make most of us attempting to predict look silly. In the 1950’s many science writers predicted that we would all be riding and flying around in our own personal car-planes. Prototypes of car-planes were built and manufacturers sat back and waited for the customers to line up with their check books. What the experts didn’t realize was that not many motorists really wanted to learn to be pilots – seems that highway driving was stressful enough without adding takeoffs and landings.
           Predicting events today is more difficult than it has ever been, what with information doubling every 18-months or so.
          Today’s newspapers, magazines, television and blogs on our computers are filled with criticisms and predictions of the next day, the next year, the next decade.
          This morning I started out with a long list of things that I would write about and make predictions concerning what would happen to the various subjects in the year 2012.
          Thinking about the predictions of the past I had second thoughts.
          I thought about the predictions that by this year (2007) inputting on computers will be done with thought waves. People will be creating artistic masterpieces without touching canvas, clay or any other medium. It was predicted that intelligent generations of tiny robots will be produced on “robot breeding farms.” Another prediction said that we will be able to structure our brains to have any kind of mind we want. The sports experts said that Babe Ruth’s homerun record (set in 1927) would never be broken. Today we await the news of when San Francisco Giant Barry Bonds will be the second man to break the Babe’s “unbreakable” record.
          And so, not caring to venture into territory of which is sure to stamp me as not only wrong, but silly, I ask you, dear reader for your thoughts and predictions on the topics listed below. Please send me your thoughts about where these topics will be in 5 years- 2012.
Pick one topic or pick them all. Just keep your comments short and e-mail them to me at rcruger@san.rr.com. I’m interested in where you think the world will be in 2012. Your guess is as good (or better) than mine.

1. The Iraq war. Will it continue as it is, with no end in sight or will it end and if it does end what will be the end result?

2. Terrorism. Will it stop, continue as is or get worse?

3. Who will be president of the United States in 2012?

4. Will the Democrats and Republicans in Congress continue their two-bit bickering on all subjects, playing nyah, nyah as the country suffers?

5. Will the demonstrations by Mexicans lead to changes in the immigration laws?

6. Will the United Nations become stronger or weaker in 2012? Will the UN be a genuine world factor by 2012?

7. Will neighborhood gangs continue their expansion or will law enforcement, parents and socialogists figure out a way to stop gang growth?

8. Will cloning primates and human beings become a reality by 2012?

9. Will stem cell research and development provide us with longer and healthier lives?

10. As athletes become bigger, stronger, taller and able to strengthen their bodies with supplements will most sports records be broken by 2012?

11. Will the United States be involved in a wider war by 2012?

Pick one subject or all of them. Briefly write down your thoughts and predictions and e-mail them to me at rcruger@san.rr.com. Your submission may be used in future columns but your name will not be used. Your anonymity will be preserved.