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There have been impeachments down through history in one form or another. Some ended in the exile of the one being impeached, some were dethroned, and some were even executed! An impeachment is the same as an indictment. An indictment only levels the charges against an individual. The charges are then brought to trial to determine, not only the validity of the charges, but also whether the person is guilty.  When a person is proven guilty, and then will come the final judgment! This is the process.

The regrettable mistake made by the House of Representatives, in the case of Donald Trump, was that they brought in a few witnesses who were not truly witnesses. To be a witness to a crime is to see it firsthand. To explain this let’s use the following scenario: A man runs breathlessly into a bar and declares that there has been the worst wreck in the town that was ever seen! After avidly declaring the whole sordid details he was asked by one of the listeners, “Did you see the wreck?” The man grew suddenly quiet but admitted, “I did not see the wreck nor the aftermath, but my good friend John did!” The witnesses brought in about the Trump affair kept repeating other people. Then when the Democrats, who were chosen to represent the people vs Donald Trump in the trial, began their opening arguments they were stymied in the very beginning. Trumps lawyers laughed them to scorn as they kept repeating over and over that they had irrefutable evidence that would warrant Trump being removed from office. Surely the 51 senators who voted to not allow more witnesses would have caught an aura of truth from at least one of the so-called witnesses presented by the House Democrats. Surely 51 grown-ups would have sensed that the Democrats had a tightly sealed case against Donald Trump!

The general consensus on the street is that the Democrats in charge of presenting the case against the President had not truly listened closely to their witnesses. This was the case as the President’s lawyers tore all their evidence to shreds in front of the whole watching public. All that the spokesmen for the Democrats could do was to keep repeating, “We have an irrefutable case against Donald Trump!” Haste makes waste!

So what did the whole fiasco prove? Did it prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that Trump had committed the crimes levied against him? Whether he was guilty or not still rests with Donald Trump. Had the Democrats not rushed the process in the beginning, they would have gotten more credible witnesses, other than the ones who repeated hearsay. What this whole debacle proves is what a lot of Americans have been saying all along, “Someone in Washington is not doing their jobs!” If they had an open and shut case against the President, why did they wait so long to present the evidence that was proved to be tainted? Why didn’t they get John Bolton to testify before the House when he first agreed to testify? Why did they tie up Government all this time without producing a guilty verdict? Why did they waste all the taxpayer money by throwing it into a crawdad hole? The political world has suffered a great blow by these proceedings! Credibility on both sides has been stained as every one of these participants had sworn to uphold the Constitution of the United States! Did the House vote their conscience when they chose to impeach the President? Did the Senate vote their conscience in the trial proceedings? Or, was it just another political battle between the two major parties? The people of the U.S. are really tired and upset over these proceedings! They are being kept from their fun and games because of this, or are they? There seems to be much merriment as the Senate is deciding their greatest test in many years. What’s so funny?

It is being said that all the wasted time was to get the eyes of the American public off the waning influence of the Democratic Party. If this is so, the truth will show, as the Iowa polls open the many Caucuses throughout the U.S, to allow one of the candidates to show their influence on the average American. Some even say that the Democrats hate Trump so much that they will use any nefarious means to get him out of office. Meanwhile, Trumps men have made accord with Canada and Mexico in one of the greatest trade agreements in a long time. Also, his men have almost gotten the long sought after peace agreement between the Palestinians and Israel that has taken every other President many years to try and accomplish. Meanwhile, our children in Washington D.C. are squabbling over whether Trump’s 2016 election was legitimate! Trump trudges onward! At the end of the recent State of the Union Address, the leader of the house took the contents of Trumps glowing, self-aggrandizing speech and tore it in half showing her great resentment for what Trump had to say. Even those of her own party were not a little amazed as she had admonished them beforehand to maintain their cool at the proceedings. Feud, feud, and feud seem to be the order of the day in Washington! When asked why she took such an undisciplined approach she asserted that Trump’s speech was “nothing but a pack of lies!”

Trump had handed Nancy Pelosi the speech before he delivered it, she had extended her hand for a shake. He apparently felt that she did not deserve a handshake from the one she was intending to remove from office. So the production continues even after the Senate acquitted Trump of both charges incited by the House of Representatives. The grist mills of the American press corps are having a field day speculating, making unproven claims, and being advocates for another quick trial of the President. It will probably take a long time for Republicans and Democrats to become bedfellows!

Soon, only nine months away, the average voting American will be able to show their voice, by their votes at various polling places, to either get rid of Trump or keep him around for another four years. As a judge of many different matters, what is your verdict?