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 by Laramie Boyd
Immigrants, Illegal's, Aliens, Day-crossers?
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     After reading some of the "news" headlines today in the paper "The Desert Sun", in Palm Springs CA, it got me thinking about one of the current battles between the two main political parties. Yes, there are many such battles, the toughest I believe being that the parties of both parties support the directions their leaders take them, regardless of the merit of the issue. But the one I am referring to is the discussions about the problems at the borders of our country, where citizens of other countries storm our borders, cross over illegally, and is so doing, for some strange reason, reap rewards most citizens need hard work and time to achieve.
     The first headline that got my attention said that the Vice-President, Kamala Harris, was going to Guatemala to "address the root causes of Central American migrants coming to the United States." How could this be? Did she not yet know the main causes? Everyone else knows. The Democrats know and so do the Republicans. How could one not know? Of course different questions arise immediately. Why is she going to Guatemala to discuss the problem rather than visiting the border to witness the problem, first hand? To get the real facts of the crisis. To see for herself? Does she possibly fear knowing the truth rather than the political spin on the situation? Will all her pre-election rhetoric come back to haunt her, only to realize that she doesn't have a snowball-in-Hell's chance of solving many of the country's problems she addressed during her campaign?
     Is it possible that the Vice-President doesn't know that the migrants are looking for a better way of life? That there is turmoil in their homeland. That if they simply show up at the American border they will be given food, shelter, access to citizenship, voting rights, health care, educational opportunity, maybe more. Or at least this is what they visualize and dream happens at the "end of the rainbow" called America. And of course some of this is true. Take your pick which you recall was headlined in the news. Notice that they don't migrate to neighboring countries. Why? They don't offer the freebies the Americans offer.
     I recall vividly the TV cameras at our southern border during President Obama's early presidency, where migrants were literally walking, swimming, or by any means possible, crossing into this country illegally and no enforcement of the law was even attempted, by local or national authorities. They stood and watched, bewildered. We do know, don't we, that the party in power was, and still is, looking for votes? A friend of mine told me he couldn't recall TV cameras vividly showing migrants from who knows where walking, swimming, or by whatever means, crossing our borders illegally. and no attempt at enforcement of our immigration laws being taken. The demonstration was lost in his mind somewhere. Time changes what we want to say or what we wan to recall sometimes, doesn't it.
     The other idea that hit me was about another headline that had Harris offering "an optimistic outlook for improved cooperation on addressing the spike in migration to the U.S.". A slogan she revealed, where or how it was given we don't know, was "Do not come. Do not come." "An optimistic outlook?" To say that these approaches to a solution to the problem is naive, is a great understatement. Try telling them that there will be no free passes or financial giveaways to illegal migrants. And violators will be sent back to their own country. That, more than anything else, will have a chance to stem the tide. Does the current administration really, I mean really, want to stop migrants from crossing the border? From all appearances, I believe that is a no. Votes may be hard to come buy in 4 years.
     "The goal of our work is to help Guatemalans find hope at home." Another quote from Kamala Harris, some 5 months after her inauguration. Isn't that the job of the Guatemalan government? Will she spend her tenure trying to find hope for Guatamala's downtrodden citizens? Just Guatemala? How many other countries need help finding hope for their citizens. Does she believe there are few if any citizens of the U.S. on her docket, that need to find hope at home? At least acknowledge what your "real" goal should be Miss Harris. Hope for Americans. We need it and we need it now. Ask any citizen.
      Consider Harris' plan to "strengthen the security and prosperity for Guatemala and the U.S." by:
          1- Investments in affordable housing
          2- Investments in agribusinesses
          3- A Young Woman's Empowerment Initiative. This one focuses on closing significant gender gaps faced by young, primarily indigenous women.
     Do you see what I see. Just more political rhetoric. What does all that mean?
Words, words, words. Tell us how you intend to accomplish these goals.
     And if all that isn't enough, Joe Biden will create an anti-corruption task force to combat human trafficking and drug smuggling "in the region". Around Guatemala, geographically I guess. Specifically, how does he propose to combat human-trafficking? No one has been able to solve that problem yet. Maybe like Kamala, he will yell in his loudest voice," Stop drug smuggling and human trafficking" and say "There, that'll do it." And he promises a new program focused on creating education and economic opportunities for girls in the region. Please, Joe, tell us how. What is your plan? Outline it. Otherwise it's just the same old political malarky trying to garner some votes. But I guess they think it sounds very "presidential" coming from the White House.
     Kamala, and Joe. Pay attention to the people of America. We've got bigger problems than "hope" for Central American countries. Start attending to them. (Please, no snide "Oh you don't care about Guatemalan "hope", or even girls?" comments). Let's keep our eyes on the ball. Your first and foremost concern is, do I have to print it for you to recognize it, the problems going on now, right here at home, in the good old U.S.A. A never ending list. Do I have to repeat them? The U.S. is faced with tough problems, and we need tough leaders who can make competent decisions lest American citizens continue to lose hope for the future of our once great America.

- Covid-19
-Political division
-Health care for Americans (not illegal immigrants)
-Budget-economic inequality
-Racism (both ways, remember). You know the rest. They are repeated , but too often not addressed, over and over, but never even close to being a non-partisan attempt to solve.
     Maybe smoke and mirrors will work for the two leaders of our once great country. They are so focused on looking and sounding like they are working for a better America that they don't bother telling Americans what it is they intend to do. But saying it doesn't make it so, especially when there is no clear cut, itemized how.