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 by Laramie Boyd
Immigrants Beware
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     I recall when my wife and I were raising our four children, what an unthinkable nightmare it would have been if we had been separated from our daughter and three boys in some strange country. As I look back it is a blessing that we didn't take or send our kids on a perilous trek to some other country, enter illegally, and just hope that everything would work out, and when there, find that it was a nightmare of disappointment.
     The Desert Sun newspaper in Palm Springs, California has some quotes supposedly from illegal immigrant children about their experience in a holding center in Santa Ana, California: "They sat or lay on a cold concrete floor with shining lights all night and guards kicking their feet. They were hungry and given frozen sandwiches and smelly food." Also, "Younger children cried in caged areas, toilets filthy and scarce running water, and they didn't know where their mothers were. They waited, unsure and frightened."
     Some important questions seem to pop up, besides whether the liberal newspaper was truthful, or just plainly took another swipe at the Trump administration, knowing full well that it was the Obama administration that sat idly by, almost encouraging them by his rhetoric, while hordes of illegals simply marched or swam across the border in full view of TV cameras those fateful days. How can we tell what is true? Where can we find the truth? Is it just what we want to believe that convinces us of what is true? Of course, wouldn't it be great if the immigration problems would have been dealt with when they were pouring in, rather than blaming the next administration for not picking up the pieces.
     But here's another thought. Should we choose to suffer for the bad choices parents make? Can the U.S. let anyone who wants to, simply come on in? Their are a billion Chinese and Indian and African and other human beings that would be happy to reap the benefits of America. Can we invite them all? Say yes to one, discriminate against another? The poor, like the ignorant, will always be with us. The government can't even take care of the homeless here, so how can we in good conscience ignore those and give perks to people violating our laws? Let's be careful who we blame for the illegal immigrant problem, and face the humbling fact that we will never, nor can we ever, feed the world. Realizing it is step number 1 towards anything even close to finding a reasonable solution. To those who feel this is an elite, uncaring, cavalier attitude, rewind your politically biased mind set. It is a fact. Name a country where you could sneak across its borders illegally and be rewarded for it. Does America stand up for the "rule of law" or not? It is the people who promise a "land of milk and honey" to dissatisfied citizens of other countries that are part of the problem of immigration, as well as parents who seem willing to sacrifice their children in an effort to break border laws left un-enforced. There are too many laws not enforced already in the U.S. Immigration laws exist. Presidents who do not enforce them and who then leave office worrying about their "legacy" rather than problems left unattended, that's the problem. Does that ring a bell?