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I like this guy Trump, but...
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         Opinions abound about this guy Donald Trump. There are the millions who think he would make an outstanding president of the United States and millions of citizens who shake in their boots to even think of a President Trump.
         Me? I love watching the guy on television as he performs for the masses.
         Here’s this straw-haired, artificially tanned money mogul who wants to apply his bullying real estate techniques to the highest position on the planet. This guy Trump wants to be the president who flexes his presidential muscle and countries around the planet will tremble and do his bidding. Mr. Trump believes that his pugnacious style, blended with crony-like friendship and pats on the back will bring a new peace and comfort to the world’s nations as well as building a stronger richer and more respected America.
          I like watching this guy.
          His bullying and pugnacious style mixed with a down-home reality presents a fascinating style that would probably confuse, perplex and enrage many of the leaders of the Earth’s communities.
          Calling him the “presumptive” Republican candidate is like giving us a wink when his name is mentioned and saying “not quite yet, folks.”
         The United States has never had a candidate for its top office that compares with The Donald. His pugnacious style, harsh tone and belligerency puts off millions at the same time it gives hope to other millions that this is the man who will raise the United States to new heights in world-wide respect and fear.
         I enjoy watching this guy.
         Here’s a man who owns a score of golf courses around the globe, ran beauty pageants, was involved with world wrestling, owns a couple of handfuls of buildings and became a media star with “The Apprentice.” He files for bankruptcies and moves on to greater heights. Then, one day he thinks, “I’d like to be president,” and as of today he is the front runner for the exalted position.
         This guy is fascinating.
         He marries beautiful women and has beautiful children. He ranks up there with the world’s billionaires.
         He heads the Republican challenge to be the U.S. president although the highest ranking Republican leader in the country (Ryan) has declined to endorse him.
         The guy creates excitement and induces riots.
         So far the Republicans are marching to the tune of one drummer – Donald Trump.
         I can’t wait for this Trump guy to step to the podium and begin with his tirades, many of which are unfounded and not based on fact.
         Oh, but I still enjoy watching the guy. He’s a character of the first rank.
          I hope the Trump Show will continue after the November elections.
          I want to continue watching the “Trump Show,” but heaven forbid, don’t let him become our president. I fear for all of us if he should win that position.
          Being a television character is one thing, being the leader of the free world is something different.