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        A constant in our daily news is the sorrowful financial condition that many of our cities, towns, counties and states are in. The ominous headlines report how governments are cutting back on police and fire protection. Libraries are closing. Roads are going un-repaired, bridges crumbling and parks going to seed.
        Our federal government is running up debts that our grandchildren’s grandchildren will have to deal with.
        Amidst all of this we have a president who is doing all he can to remain in office following the November elections. And we have a man on a quest to displace the incumbent president. Obama vs. Romney.
        The incumbent avows that he and his people are doing all possible things to get our economy warmed up as well as getting millions of our citizens off the welfare rolls and back to work.
        Mr. Romney declares that it would be folly to give President Obama a go at another four years in the Oval Office. Mr. Romney declares that the current president is woefully unable and incompetent to solve the myriad problems facing our nation.
        For one thing, it should give all of us citizens a creepy feeling when an esteemed member of the political establishment offers comments indicating that our current president and leader of the free world is ineffective and inefficacious to cure our country’s ailments.
        But now I offer you a conundrum. If our sitting president is, indeed, as incapable as Mr. Romney says and if Mr. Romney, by his own declaration, is eminently gifted and skilled enough to quickly provide the therapy and magical cures needed to get the economy and workforce moving in a positive direction then the choice is clear (If Mr. Romney’s analysis of the situation is true and valid).
        However, and this is where the conundrum keeps popping up. If Mr. Romney has the answers to our nation’s deep problems he is, in effect, saying, “I’m not going to fix this country unless you vote for me.”
        There are millions of out-of-work citizens who are facing bankruptcy, eviction and poverty. We have millions of elderly needing care and assistance. We have children going to bed hungry every night. There are more millions across the nation that fear the loss of their food stamps and medical aid.
        If Mr. Romney has the answers to our nation’s problems, as he declares, I would hope he would not make us wait in our pain for his election to the presidency. I would hope that he would offer all Americans the largess of his thoughts and expertise – give us the answers to which we evidently lack.
        It seems that if Mr. Romney has the answers and the solution to our national conundrum, as a stalwart American, he would advise the current administration of his remedies. Why keep our millions of citizens in their current state of want? With Mr. Romney’s solutions we could begin the process of putting millions back to work, lowering and eliminating our national and local debts. The air of uncertainty that pervades our land could be cleared by Mr. Romney aiding the current administration immediately.
        Mr. Romney could have begun the restorative process as soon as he gained the nomination. If he had, by now our nation could be healthy again.
        I say let Mr. Romney work with the President to fix the country right now – immediately. Put his remarkable and profound plan to work. Don’t wait for an election. When the country’s health is regained we will remember who saved us and we will vote for him.
        Go to work, Mr. Romney, we will remember you in November and vote for you. We will remember who saved the country.
        As for me, I have to sign off and seek aid. Seems I have a severe case of “tongue in cheek.”
Sick and Tired