If You Have Seen One Sarah Palin, You Have Seen Them All
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          The morning matches my mood; dark, cloudy and somber. Those innocents slaughtered in Arizona. A church that condemns the lives of those who were murdered, claiming this heinous act was perpetrated by God. Damn, just like them terrorists, pray to God, kill for God. Not my God, folks.
          If someone in my family should die and the believers of a particular sect showed up to protest the life of my beloved while I was grieving at the gravesite, my name would be plastered all over the headlines.
          Consider the young, intelligent, and innocent girl. Only nine years old, she already had designs for a life of service to her community. Her corneas have restored sight for two other children, her organs donated to enable the lives of some others. Does your God murder children? Welcome to Hell.
          Believe me, I have some war stories, tales of how I suffered at the hands of religious and political morons, but no more. I'm a veteran, and I'm a patriotic American. Unfortunately, at this point in time, that's as far as my loyalty goes. I find it difficult to support the notions of some politicized contemporary Christians. Their mirrors are one way, as are their politically aligned ideological comrades.
          Where am I taking you with this rant? The absolute necessity for public education with responsibility to that learning is a recognized foundation block for building a true democratic society. It's failing miserably in concept and deed. Self-esteem, hypocrisy and political correctness are the focus of today's leaders, who guide us, visionless, into the future. Twenty-first century voyeurism is how our children are learning. They don't have the time for learning by repetition. Students now garner thought patterns vicariously through virtual experience or what I call "almost experience". No longer do we challenge youth to learn to think aided by memorization practices in all disciplines. We are creating a generation of non-thinkers. Building grey matter muscle with retentive skills is just too hard. It takes too much time and too much work and my i-phone can do it faster.
Is there no longer a mindset in America that supports a vision for unified purpose and the betterment of our nation?
Although I'm an older person, I confess I still feel like I'm sitting on the front of the locomotive. I have work to undo. In fact that will be my new name. I am Undo. Get ready to begin.
          Undo the church in politics. Undo the career politician. Those jobs are closed. Undo the job of running for office and running to get re-elected while in office. How about running the government, period. Undo special state and federal job benefits and make them available to the American public or visa-versa. Legislators become a part of the work force at large, and pay into the same social security system as their fellow Americans do. Wage cuts are a priority for every political office. Undo the luxury and see who hangs around to get the job done.
           Undo health and welfare programs. An inexpensive, not for profit medicare system should be established for our elderly including old legislators. Dignity in aging for all Americans. Healthcare is not mandatory but available to all American citizens at lower costs than the medicine for profit industry. Undo the free ride. Free rides are not free, create a work force of welfare recipients dedicated to community service, and welfare for U.S. citizens only. Trust in deeds, not words. A strong work ethic, getting the job done is the priority.
Undo unjust compensation usually earmarked for legislators alone. Create professional development workshops as a part and parcel job requirement for all political office holders, in all tiers of government.
          Benchmarks and standards should be established for the political work force. These people should be scrutinized; they make our laws.
          Annual job assessments and recommendations for improvement for all political office holders must be implemented and this information should be provided to the American public free of charge.
          I want to get rid of people who are famous for being famous. I don't trust such arrogance, especially from famous ex-politicians. And a person dedicated to a life of public service does not quit the job before that service is rendered. Red flags and herrings! Elephants in the room! Doesn't such an act of quitting in the middle of a job tell anybody anything? Because the lights are shining on you, doesn't mean you can speak with impunity or with authority. "Me, me, me!"
          I'm saddened that in my years of searching for a likeminded group of people, my hunt has revealed to me a vast majority of Americans who are totally oblivious to the diminishment of what I was raised to believe America stands for.
          I am "postal" cynical of the elected officials in public service today. We now have what we are supposed to believe is a learned group of lawmakers, on both sides of the aisle, embedded in congress and our state capitols, who have created a form of protocol to deal with us, the public.
These public servants seem not to worry about what we think of them. They lack an ability to see us. Our nation needs solutions to help alleviate public distress. Their political rhetoric reveals nothing. They have developed a professional double speak geared to work as an answer that never answers.
          Undo the too many self-serving individuals on my payroll. Yeah, that's right, folks! My payroll! I've been paying their wages for almost fifty years getting less performance each year while being charged more for it. I want them to get the same wage cuts they have provided me with. I can't understand how a group of people can vote their own pay raises, who do not have to be concerned about their retirement benefits, social security, medical care, tax brackets, et all, yet can be so quick to reason a slash in benefits for those who have made their lives so easy.
          During a recent conversation with my 80 year old sister and just before the slaughter in Arizona, we talked politics, something we don't do. She admitted to me she was a Republican, an unknown fact which was fine with me.
          I know the political leanings of people in the part of the country where she lives so I wasn't surprised. Our conversation got deep. She said she really disliked Sarah Palin, "the woman has a terrible voice."
          Makes sense to me.
          To top things off, she admitted she bought a gun. "Cool," I replied.
          "You know why?" she asked. After a moment of silence, she answered her question. "Because I can."
Nuff said.
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