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 by Laramie Boyd
If You Gotta Go, You Gotta Go
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        Do you believe there are more little boys who want to use a restroom with a Girls sign on the door than little boys who don't want to? And do you think there are more little girls who want little boys to come into that restroom, than there are those who don't? The same questions arise about a boys' restroom, whether there are more girls who want to go into a restroom marked BOYS than those who don't want to, and whether there are more boys who don't want the girls to go into that restroom than there are those who do. Just who do you suppose the non-gender-restroom supporters are trying to appease? Couldn't the same questions be asked of the parents of the boys and girls? like, "Do you believe there are more parents who want their little boys to use a restroom marked GIRLS than parents who don't want them to?", or "Are there more parents who want their little girls to use a BOYS restroom than there are those who don't?" Does it boil down to "Who's a boy and who's a girl?" Shall we let them decide?
        Similar questions could be framed to reflect the feelings of parents, whether they were transgender or not, like "Do you believe there are more transgender parents who believe their little "boys" or "girls" should be able to choose whatever restroom their child wants to use, than transgender parents who don't?". And how do these numbers compare with the feelings of parents who are not transgender? Would there be restrooms with an age limit and be marked something like LITTLE CHILDREN 6 - 12?
        And of course, when it comes to adults using restrooms, where children are not involved, how do they feel about crossover restroom use? The same questions can be asked, whether restrooms are marked MEN or WOMEN, marked TRANSGENDER or UNISEX, or something that gets the idea across, and whether the adults are transgender or not.
        There are those, I suppose, who feel that the signs on restrooms all across America need to be changed, as they changed the White Only signs on restrooms and drinking fountains in the South decades ago. Whether the issue of gender and restrooms is based on the lower costs of having separate restrooms, or to avoid being prejudicial to gender, or for whatever reason, some want to leave it up to the states to decide how the shared restroom issue should be played out. Others think the whole issue makes no sense, thinking that boys are boys and girls are girls, and that's the way it was meant to be. Personally, I can't imagine many parents who would like to have a situation where a little girl is sitting on a toilet and a little boy comes in the restroom, proceeds to unzip, and uses the urinal, noise and all. You know how boys are! I guess I'm old fashioned, or maybe I don't have all the facts at my disposal. But no matter how you slice the social atmosphere these days, there's an awful lot of strange goings on. How has the issue been handled in the past? I don't recall ever hearing of a problem regarding restrooms and gender. Was it in some closet somewhere? Did the media not cover it? Was I naive? Nevertheless, there is focus on such a problem today, real or made up, and there is an anything goes environment spreading rapidly across the country. Ask, and use the words prejudicial, divisive, hateful, or any of the other words whose meanings have been "evolved", and you may, probably shall, receive. And is there anyone, man or woman, black or white, on the horizon, galloping in on a black or white stallion, with a black or white hat, and two six-shooters, or seven if enough pressure is brought to bear, who is going to make things better? Come November, the race is on, either to Make America Great Again, if that's possible, or tax more and spend more and try to equalize the living conditions and income gap between the poor and downtrodden and those who aren't, whether they are citizens of the United States or not. At least that's what "they" promise. And they will be sure to choose the politically correct ethnic running mate who will bring in the votes, regardless of the candidate's platform or the qualifications of the potential V.P. We all should want to make America great again, and should agree that poverty and squalor are unacceptable conditions for American citizens. The campaigns on the road to the White House will surely get sticky between now and than, and I will guess a trifle mean, to put it mildly. I doubt a Second Coming could postpone that scenario, I'm sad to say.