How Should we Raise Children?
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 by Frank Shortt
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(Answered by a very liberal parent)
Being a very liberal parent I have had to do a lot of contemplation in order to answer this question! No two parents ever raised their children alike.

First and foremost, a child should be allowed to cry at the drop of a hat! Not being allowed to cry, when they are infants, leads to many problems as they grow older. A parent should do everything in their power to assuage the crying but should never allow the child's behavior to affect them! Do you want your child to grow up with an inhibitive nature?

A child should be allowed to play anywhere, with whomever, and with whatever toys they seem to enjoy. We never want our children to feel deprived of anything. We do not want them growing up thinking that we do not want them to have anything or have any friends. We love them too much!

If a child wants the latest trend in toys, clothing, or whatever else their little heart's desire, their request should be tended to immediately! Otherwise, they will grow up always having emptiness in their hearts! Many liberal parents like me were always given all that we demanded and maybe this is why we have such liberal natures!

Many of us liberal parents were allowed to drink alcohol at a very early age. We felt that we should be allowed to do exactly as our parents were doing. Our most famous child psychologists have suggested that a child should be allowed alcohol in small quantities and they say, "Oh, it will never hurt them!" If your child wants to smoke tobacco and be like his grown-up parent, they should be allowed to do so. If they see you toking a little weed, allow them to try it too in order to see if they have a strong reaction to it. You may be able to have a great guffaw when you see the actions your child displays! Some children are just natural born comedians!

As your child grows into his or her teens, they will want the latest in fashion. What will it hurt for them to dress in torn jeans, ripped shirts, and as one of my colleagues in writing so aptly put it, "They didn't do anything constructive in order to make these rips and tears!" Let the young person always choose their outfits, this will give them confidence to always dress in the best of fashion! If your teenager wants the best in skate boards, bicycles, or whatever makes them the happiest, by all means, if you can afford the items being requested, or demanded, you should do all within your power to meet the request! Don't you want your child to grow up with everything that little Johnny next door possesses? If not, your child will develop a sulky nature and not be wanted at any of the local parties where anything goes!

Next, the automobile stage arrives. If your child sees you driving a T-Bird, that child will, without wavering, want a Volkswagen Bus. Actually, you are getting off cheap, so go on out and buy one even if you have to rebuild a few parts for it! Now your child will fit in no matter where he or she goes.

We never want to deprive our children of anything that their desires may dictate. Just look around and it won't take long to spot the little goody-two shoes that was raised by strict parents! Do you want your child to be subservient to anyone in any way whether it be another child or an adult?

This, to the best of my ability is the answer as to how best to raise a child! I hope this will be helpful to many young couples who are contemplating children whether they are already married or not. Just keep a stiff upper lip, a strong constitution, and hope for the best!