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Carl Golod
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My Chevy Memories
    My wife and I were walking around a local mall, and received an education in manners, or the lack thereof. 
What ever happened to the polite, nice, caring, adults and teenagers who frequent the malls ? 
    This seems to be an ongoing subject that gets bandied about regularly by those of us who grew up when it seemed most people cared about each other. 
WOW ! That was a long time ago, or I am older than I think. 
Inside I am young, and look like Tom Selleck. 
OK ! I am older, don’t look like Tom Selleck, I admit it !
    We were standing in line at a great bakery in the mall to get a chocolate croissant, delicious, and of course, no calories. I was participating in my favorite pastime of people watching and waiting our turn in a long line of salivating customers, when a young man and woman who worked somewhere in the mall, as they had on some type of uniform, pushed us aside, and went into the double doors that led into a hallway.
    Excuse me, or may we please come through, would have been nice, or PLEASE move out of the way, might make us
at least notice them. Not a word was spoken, and if we should have said something curt, like, “EXCUSE ME ! ”
surely Steve Martin would never cross their minds, and we would have started a mini-war. Rather than say anything at
the time, we spoke later of how rude some people can be..
    Yes, we all are rude at times, but, we were taught to say please, excuse me, hold chairs for ladies, open car doors, 
and help elderly ladies and gentlemen walk across the street. We were taught to politely walk next to the sidewalk when strolling along the street, guess no one strolls anymore, open doors for people when entering or leaving buildings, and numerous other chivalrous deeds that have almost disappeared.
    So, is gallantry gone from our society ? 
NAH ! It’s just asleep, and needs to be awakened and taught to be used again. Then we might see the resurrection of manners and show understanding to others.
    As we continued walking around the mall, we noticed every scenario that you could imagine. Children throwing
tantrums, adults throwing tantrums and even couples throwing tantrums. Why, because they want things they cannot have, they want attention, they want to argue about things that have nothing to do with being there, but need to
have someone recognize that they need to be noticed. 
        OK, I may be generalizing, but we spoke of the lack of manners and courtesy, then we realized, this is now a normal occurrence.
        Guess, we need to laugh at what used to be, or accept rudeness as a normal way of life. Call me old fashioned, but, I truly miss manners. I miss nice. I miss, excuse me, and most of all I miss, PLEASE.
    I try very hard to just relax and enjoy each day, say something nice to people, go out of my way for whomever I can, and be there when needed. I always thought that was part of what I believe are the golden rules of life.
    Surprise someone, and say, “Hi, how are you today” and then listen to their response intensively. Do so, without saying, “Great”, but not really hearing them.
That’s not just good manners, that is caring, and genuinely showing concern for everyone you can. 
    Smile, laugh and take time to enjoy each day. Show manners, otherwise, you will have lost a skill it would be very hard to recapture.
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