Hollywood Celebrities as Spokespersons
for Democracy?
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Television networks have a tendency to quote Hollywood celebrities when it comes to political matters. They must not be aware that most Hollywood celebrities are merely actors and not a reliable source of truth in matters unrelated to acting!

There have been actors caught in the act of all sorts of lewd liaisons. As soon as these actors (actresses want to be called actors also) serve their jail time, get back into the acting circles, and have one major hit, suddenly they become a spokesperson for some up-and-coming political figure. Sure, they have as much right as I do to their opinion, but to have someone base one of their major issues on that person is absurd, to say the least.

Of course, some actors have become political figures themselves, and done a fairly good job, but in the end, they are merely actors. When the Old West was in full swing when an actor came to town he was usually rode out of town on a rail for various and sundry reasons. Mostly, because the decent-living citizens of the town did not care for their liberal lifestyles! They did not wish their children to fashion their lives after a make-believe character. If an actor or actress was given permission to hold a session in a Western town, they mostly ended up in a saloon or worse. It was considered by most laborers to be the lowest and easiest way to make a living. The saloon hanger-ons and those who had a tendency to visit houses of ill-repute seemed to be the only ones happy to see show-biz personalities visit the towns of the Old West!

One producer of motion pictures was accused in 2017 by 50 women of having abused them. These were allegations of rape, assault, and sexual harassment. One strong critic of the President of the United States drew much criticism when he went so far as joking about assassinating the president. Could anyone believe either of these individuals in matters of politics?

One young man staged an assault on himself to gain some publicity. Now when there is a true assault against one’s person, law enforcement will have a jaundiced eye toward the one assaulted instead of the ones who carried out the assault. Unethical actors can make it very hard for those who are only in it for a paycheck.  This can be said of any profession. It is my honest opinion that actors should stick to acting and stay out of the political arena. The reason being, who’s to say when they are acting or telling a truth? A good actor is able to convince us that his make-believe character is on the level.

This leads to another aside! How many congressmen are merely actors? Judging by how much has been done in Washington, in the past 12 years, I would have to say that most of them are merely there for a paycheck! Filibustering has been a way to while away time and draw the listener’s attention away from the actual subject at hand. Is this not acting? There is much grandstanding among the newly elected officials in Washington. There have been many promises made that can never come to fruition. When will the American public ever wake up and realize that most political figures are merely actors in the game of politics? Some of them could sell aluminum siding to a person with a perfectly good, well-built brick home! Will this charade ever end? Isn’t there one Patrick Henry out there who will cry, “Give me liberty, or give me death?” Then after many liberal historians have shed negative light on our founding fathers, without considering the time and place, Mr. Henry was merely a blowhard as was most of the other participants in the founding of our great nation!

Let’s check the Hollywood spokesman’s background very carefully before we believe him about anything, especially in light of all the scandals that appear on national magazine covers and ‘lying’ magazines! What are we poor mortals to believe?