He Rides Again
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 by Frank Shortt
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Now that we have determined who Barney Fife and Andy Taylor are in relation to politics, we must now turn to the past where thundering hoofbeats of the great horse Silver rides again. The great horse, Silver, is the United States of America!

We now have a Lone Ranger, who needs neither Barney Fife, nor Andy Taylor. If he says we need a border wall, he will get a border wall. Or will he? Apart from his faithful Native American companion*, Barney Fife, he hopes to thunder across the plains of the United States alone to build the wall. He is a determined man and will use both of his guns, power of veto, as well as, lots of pressure on the local sheriffs, shooting silver bullets along the way, even in light of a 22 trillion dollar national debt. Devotees of the Lone Ranger do not care how much he spends as long as he overcomes the bad guys. (*Yes, these are Native Americans, or some of them claim to have that bloodline!)

Why should any rich man, with a ready supply of silver bullets, care what happens to the horse he rides. He believes that he can just buy another one anytime. Because of television we Americans have been brainwashed into thinking that all manner of evil can be solved in a half hour, or at the most, one hour. But when a creeping sickness*, like the one that has struck America, becomes an accepted fact, there is no fixing it in one hour. Any politician who says that he or she has all the answers, are only fooling us once again. It is very noticeable how that each candidate for political office caters to the ones whom they feel have been dragging their feet hoping that he or she can pull them out of their stupor. They will even promise them money that their ancestors presumably earned many, many years ago. These are only vote getting tactics! How many promises have been broken by our leaders in the Barney Fife and Andy Taylor arrangement? *Hate!

The Lone Ranger, according to Fran Striker his creator, only lived to undo the oppression and evils that beset the less fortunate. (Remember he had a silver mine that supplied him with any needed money!) He rode around the fictional west, doing in the bad guys and destroying any opposition, and he did not even have twitter to assist him.
At least he had the aid of his faithful Native American companion, something our Lone Ranger does not have. Our question should be, who is that masked man? Can we believe all the lore that has arisen now that he rides again?

The fictional Lone Ranger was a former Texas Ranger, the lone survivor of a massacre of all his fellow rangers. The fictional one had been doing a great service for humanity. Our Lone Ranger, attacked from every side, by what he calls unscrupulous humanity, was not a former Texas Ranger. He was a wall-street phenomenon! How much he actually helped humanity is anyone's guess. This is not my judgment call. I am sure that someone loved him. I am sure that he helped someone along the way! But to ride alone takes a lot of guts!

Do we need a border wall? This will be decided by someone with a much higher I.Q. than the one that I possess. Will the Lone Ranger be able to pay for this border wall? I am sure it will not be paid for by silver from the Ranger's mine. If it is ever completed at all it will be at the expense of all the hard-working, sweating, devoted Silvers of our blessed land. After all, a country consists of those who live there.

This may sound like a conspiracy theory, but, are there those in America who are bound and determined to break America and to show her that she is not as great as she has been in the past? Who is the real enemy of America? Is the real enemy of the people the ones who have tax immunity, who have never done anything worthwhile to add to the economy of our government by the people, of the people, and for the people? These are only takers, never givers. The undoing of every government has been the 'enemy within'! This is something we all should ponder as a new era of presidential candidacy approaches! Think real hard America! Can a candidate of either party be believed? Are we tired and fed up with empty promises?