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Some words and phrases are getting boring, tiresome and annoying
          It seems that in some of the larger retail stores around the country the training program for clerks and cashiers boils down to a manager gathering the newly hired employees in the employee lounge, saying, “Hello and welcome to our store. Today will hold our new employee training session. Please have a seat. Dress nicely, don’t drink before you come to work and be sure to say the following, ‘Did you find everything you were looking for?” The manager then added the second company training rule, “And be sure to tell every customer, ‘Have a nice day.”
          With that, the three- minute company training session ended and the new employees were left to make their way in the world of retail sales. These new employees, most of them youngsters, are the ones you see every day as you do your family shopping.
          I don’t know about you, but I’m getting bored and annoyed at hearing those two phrases thrown at me by uncaring, bored-to-death employees. If I thought these clerks and cashiers meant these banal clichés I would feel differently, but I don’t.
          I’ve lost count of the times clerks have offered a humdrum, “Did you find everything you were looking for?” A few times, in a pique of exasperation I have said, “No, I really haven’t.” Not once has a clerk or cashier looked at me and said, “Huh, what?” Fact of the matter is, I fear they really don’t care.
        Last Tuesday, as I was checking out at the local giant, discount store, the clerk offered a weary, “Have a nice day.” I replied, “I can’t, I’m dying.” The clerk kept ringing up items for the next customer and told me, “That’s nice.”
          I was feeling rambunctious. At our local big box hardware store, the clerk asked me, “How are you today?” I answered, “Not good, I’m terminal!” the clerk continued his scanning and told me, “ Ah, have a nice day.”
           There are some other bothersome words and phrases that I can no longer abide. I’ve been listening to them for so long that they now fall into the category of “irritations.”
          Here are some of them: “24/7,” “basically,” “ASAP,” “Win-Win,” “Eyeball it,” “From the get-go,” “To be honest with you,” “Dude,” “Awesome,” “Pro-active,” “Hit the ground running,” “You know what I’m saying?” “What’s done is done,” “Give 110 per cent.” “Bang for the buck,” “Bling bling,” “Have a good one.”
          To these you can add almost all words created in the “Hip Hop,” and “Gangsta Rap” vocabulary. Perhaps some of the rudest, vilest and most annoying words in use today.
          And when it comes to sports, there are so many words and phrases that are used by jocks unable to contrive an intelligent, creative sentence by themselves.
          Sports interviews are riddled with phrases like the following, “They left it all out on the field,” “He went to the ‘big dance,” “They came to play.” “It is what it is,” “It was a perfect storm,” “Back in the day,” “It’s a game of inches,” “It’s a real pressure cooker,” “It’s a real barn burner,” “He’s been riding the pine,” “Baseball is a game played between the lines,” “The stats speak for themselves.”
          And so, dear reader, I leave you with three of my favorite “unfavorites” - “That’s the bottom line,” “Thanks for sharing,” and the catch-all irritant, “Whatever.”
          Have a nice day!