Has the Lame Duck Sung Yet
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        One of the most ironic statements I have read lately made by a supposedly intelligent man, was by our President. See if you agree with me. He pleaded, "It is my hope that Speaker Boehner and House Republicans will not leave town for the month of August for their vacations without doing something to help this problem." He was discussing the immigration turmoil at the border between the U.S. and Mexico. "We need action and less talk." When you heard this, did the same TV news picture flash up in your mind as it did in mine? The President playing a game of pool, or a round of golf, on vacation, at the exact moment when some of the most serious and potentially dangerous issues in America's history were taking place. How obtuse can the man be I ask myself, once again? He wants millions of dollars more to aid and abet the tens of thousands of illegal immigrants he allowed to violate our borders in the first place, and blames the conservatives for the chaos there. Folks, the lack of leadership by this president is getting scary, if you haven't noticed.
        Thomas Sowell made some pertinent comments that the President could learn from, but probably doesn't want to, since now he seems to be in some sort of self-imposed "lame-duck" legacy posture.
        Consider Mr. Thomas' thoughts:

        - Clashes over race or ethnicity leave no room for compromise, only polarization.
        - Immigration laws not enforced are meaningless words when people from other countries can cross the borders whenever they please.
        - Most Hispanics seem to be decent, hard working people, and calling them "undocumented" if they are in the country illegally, is a mealy-mouthed term. They are illegal immigrants, period.
        - Have you ever seen a Hispanic standing on a corner begging, like you see whites and blacks do? Why is that?
        - We have no way of knowing how many of what diseases the open door policy towards border crossings will bring into the country, or   how many criminals or terrorists arrive. Already there are signs of a possible chicken pox outbreak among the younger border crossers.
        - Illogical decisions, even the lack of decision making, by the President about free entry into our country can permanently change our culture, perhaps in the direction of the cultures of the countries from which the illegals have fled. Counter-productive and dangerous cultures can spread to the U.S. if we bow to those who believe that even discussing or asking questions about the lack of protected borders is "mean-spirited," another mealy-mouthed term. Assigning the term "refugees" to the illegals falls into the same category. A lack of an enforceable and protective immigration policy is what is really mean-spirited.
         I wonder if Barack Obama, in these difficult times, is simply coasting along, not getting involved in decision making, hoping the law suit against him for not supporting the Constitution goes his way. Could he possibly be dreaming of the day when he can make millions of dollars in speaking engagements and writing his memoirs, making up some kind of unrealistic success for himself on foreign policy, U.S. prestige, reduction of the national debt, health care, and every other failed program? If this is what he has in mind, he will be letting the country down and disgracing the office of President of the United States.