Has God Blessed America?
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 by Frank Shortt
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        We hear this from every person in politics at the end of a speech, “And God Bless America”! It has become so commonplace that it is as a ‘tinkling symbol and sounding brass’!
        My question is, How can God bless America when we do not even know which God to serve? When someone says, “God bless America” are they referring to Buddah, Hari Krishna, Allah, Jehovah, Sat Nam, Vishnu, Thor, Atman, Brahma, or a host of other Gods? It seems that the name Babylon is manifest today as we are totally confused by all the different Gods, and all the propaganda about different religions existing in cyberspace. Would any God of any religion be happy with all this confusion?
        I do not know any religion that teaches the disrespect that we have seen manifested in this year’s election process. We have heard each candidate call the other liars, woman hater, man hater, pervert, racist, sexist, homophobic, and xenophobic. This was uttered in front of every American watching the detestable debates between our candidates. One even said that the other’s supporters were ‘Deplorables’! Would any God in any religion use such words against a possible convert? I think not!
        One candidate has called the other ‘mentally ill’, a criminal of the highest order! Would not this person be in a hospital for the mentally, criminally insane if this was proven to be true? Would any God of any religion condone such accusations against a possible convert? Then, at one time or another, each have called the other traitor, bigot, the devil, nasty, crooked, neurotic, crazy, wacky, dummy, dishonest, panderer, pathological liar, brainwashed, incompetent, corrupt, bought off, fraudulent, and every name that was condoned, or not, by the God of their particular religion. (I say this to the shame of a person who would even mention the name of God after blaspheming another person to this extent!)
        If a person was a true adherent to their particular religion they would respect the other’s views even if they were as far apart as the east is from the west. Just because one shows respect for another person’s views does not mean that they agree with them!
         Has God blessed America, an America that has blasphemed every God of every religion that exists? An America that has allowed every known disrespect against another to exist? An America that condemns other nations for their disparities, and fails to see their own? (Remove the log from your own eye before you condemn the splinter that is in another’s eye!) Can God bless what is already cursed? That is, any God of any religion? I think not! Each adherent to the World’s religions is the one who either, uses it for personal gain, or power! Would the God of any particular religion be happy to see how His adherents are acting?
        Our leaders have been arrested for all sorts of illegal acts against the very constituents they represent. They have been arrested for child molestation, fraudulent behavior, dishonesty in government, mayhem, racketeering, felony tax evasion, mail fraud, conspiracy, corruption, perjury, felony theft, and a plethora of other accusations. But the thing that all these God fearing, upright citizens of the United States had in common was that at the end of each speech they never failed to say, “God Bless America”! Was God blessing them when they concocted all these bad examples for the young and old of America? I think not! (Each tree is known by the fruit that tree bears!)
        The God who finally wins out in the end will have a lot of judging to do of those who failed to see the importance of respect, honesty, and staying true to their faiths. This would be an interesting time, don’t you think? We might even come up short ourselves when the final analysis is manifested. As one of our Spectator writers suggested in a recent article, “We need to do some soul searching of ourselves”!
        Has God blessed America at this crossroad of our lives?
        I think not!